The eclipses are here to connect you to your Authentic Purpose.

August 8, 2017




"The most difficult thing in the world is to reveal yourself, to express what you have to. As an artist, I feel that we must try many things - but above all we must dare to fail. You must be willing to risk everything to really express it all. "

John Cassavetes 


"People suffer because they are caught in their views. As soon as we release those views, we are free and we don't suffer anymore".
Tich Nhat Hanh



This morning at 4.20am AEST, the partial lunar eclipse took place with the Full Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo.  Full Moons are always a powerful time for bringing up emotions and informing what we need to release.  To make the most of the Moon's energy I rose early so I could bask in the moonlight and meditate on releasing blocks related to my personal & professional vision for the future.  You can't beat sitting in nature for inspiration and flashes of clarity.

 Photo of my meditation location just after the partial lunar eclipse



We are amidst a highly creative period with opportunities for connection to our purpose and how we are meant to express our talents and be acknowledged.   It includes a rare set of 2 new moons in Leo and today's full moon on the Aquarius / Leo axis (partially eclipsed).  


This eclipse period started 2 weeks ago with the New Moon at 0 degree Leo and concludes in 2 weeks time with the second new moon at 28 degrees Leo creating the Solar Eclipse.  Each Zodiac sign is made up of 30 degrees which is why it is rare to have 2 new moons in the same sign.




Photo from my meditation location this morning



The total Solar eclipse on 21/8/17  is going to be the most potent of the series.  It will influence how we are in the world and indicate ways we can start anew.  When it happens, light from the Sun will be temporarily blocked and then return with an intense force.  


Whilst our experiences during the eclipse season may be challenging, it should be heartening to know the eclipses are here to help propel us into a more conscious existence where we lead the type of life we really want to live and thrive in a career we LOVE.  





There are a number of factors, but there are 3 things that really stand out.


1. The energy of eclipses is tied to our soul-path.  

Eclipses are known for bringing to light things we need to know to follow our destiny.  They are a little like a course-correction.  If we’re heading in the wrong direction, they can reveal information we weren’t aware of that will help us make changes we need to make.  Insight revealed during the eclipses is not always easy to digest.  For example broken hearts, finding out people aren’t being truthful, health issues coming to the surface or realising we need to make changes in order to grow personally into a “better” version of ourselves.  It might sound heavy but they always bring an opportunity for change.  NB - the intensity of the impact of the eclipses on your life is dependent on the placement of planets in your birthchart!


2. These eclipses are connected to the Lunar Nodes

The placement of the lunar Nodes in the sky is symbolic of Authentic Purpose.  Right now the nodes are also travelling through the Zodiac sign of Leo.  They will be sitting very close to both the lunar eclipse and solar eclipses in Leo.  With the nodes and eclipses being located in the same place in the sky – the energy around aligning with our purpose is EXTRA POTENT.


3.  The sign of Leo is highly creative, visionary and fiery (as it’s ruled by the Sun).  

Wherever Leo is positioned in our Natal Astrological chart (Birth Chart) represents the aspects of our life where we’re meant to get inspired, create, receive acknowledgement and shine most brightly.  Got to love that!!!




In so many ways we are all being called to be Authentic with ourselves and others and release what limits us from expressing our gifts in the world.  In my line of work as an Holistic Executive Coach, that gets me really excited for the opportunities that await for all of my clients.




Some of us will have significant emotional releases and "Ah Ha" moments whilst others may experience little more than a blip on their daily radar.  The intensity of our eclipse experience depends on whether or not they fall on the same position as planets in our Natal Birth Chart.  


Regardless of intensity, everyone of us will be affected.  So, when we understand which aspect of our life is being lit up by the eclipses, we can look out for subtle (or blatant) signposts in those areas of our lives.










At the moment of our birth, the planets were lined up in a range of Zodiac Signs in the sky.  The sun was rising in a Zodiac Sign and setting in a different Zodiac Sign.  It was also at the highest point in the sky and lowest point in the middle of the night in 2 different signs.  These 4 points create 2 axis which are used to create a Birth Chart which is made up of 12 different segments.  These segments are known as houses.  Each house is symbolic of different aspects of our lives.


Below is a guide of how the Eclipses may impact you according to your Sun Sign or Ascendant.  To gain a specific understanding of how your life and career are likely to be impacted, you can contact me over here to set up a consult.


In the meantime, enjoy the insight!!


Wishing you a week of wonder and inspiration,







  • Eclipses will have a significant impact if they take place 1 to 2 days either side of your birthday 

  • Look out for releases and reveals around how to restructure and redirect your life

  • Could be beginning of a new enterprise for you

  • Areas of your life that may be impacted include:

    • Identity, personality, character, how you express yourself, 

    • How others see you, your outlook, your basic approach to life

    • Your overall health & vitality

    • Self-development, self-help, self-esteem, personal interests



  • Look out for releases and reveals around What’s important to you!

  • Areas of your life that may be impacted include:

    • Money, finance, value, investments, earning power, possessions, strengths/gifts you have

    • Inner talents, skills, resources, values and priorities, self-worth

    • Comfort levels in the material world.



  • Look out for releases and reveals around Side by side relationships

  • Areas of your life that may be impacted include:

    • Communication & daily encounters

    • Brothers and sisters, local neighbourhood, daily encounters, short trips, transportation

    • writing, learning, intelligence and mental ability

    • Telephones, computers, printers and other technology



  • Look out for releases and reveals around Family of Origin and the Home

  • Areas of your life that may be impacted include:

    • How you nurture or are nurtured

    • Your ancestors. heritage, transitions

    • Emotional life, intuition

    • Land you're connected to including real estate,

    • Privacy, self protection inferiority, how your guard your space



  • Look out for releases and reveals around Creativity, Children, Romance, Pleasure and Play

  • Areas of your life that may be impacted include:

    • Fine art, performance, the theatre, sports, parties, celebrations, vacations, holidays, amusement, laughter, popularity, prizes

    • Pregnancy, child-rearing, values imparted to children self-mastery

    • Literature, publication, your personal politics, social graces, your "star quality"



  • Look out for releases and reveals around Daily routines, habits, work & health

  • Areas of life that may be impacted include:

    • Chores, duties, dedication, devotion, disciplines, service, loyalty, humility

    • Apprentices, employees, co-workers, religious orders, small animals/pets

    • The physical body, health, healing food and diet, nutrition, bodily functions, exercise

    • Clothes you wear



  • Look out for releases and reveals around One to One Relationships

  • Areas of life that may be impacted include:

    • Business partners, spouse, agents, grandparents

    • Contracts, agreements, legal matters, competition, co-operation

    • Social graces, toleration of difference, harmony, peace, openness, justice, equality



  • Look out for releases and reveals around Sex, death and taxes

  • Areas of life that may be impacted include:

    • Transformation, research, investigation, mystery, the big questions in life

    • Psychoanalysis, detective work

    • Legacies, trusts, wills, insurance matters, hidden money

    • Support from other people, financial, moral spiritual and physical



  • Look out for releases and reveals around Wisdom

  • Areas of life that may be impacted include:

    • The higher mind, the super-ego, relgion, law, sciece, idealism, igher education, philosophy, vision

    • Teachers, professors, lawyers,judges, juries, gypsies, wanderers, athelets, foreigners, the clergy, in laws, grandchildren

    • Overseas, or distant travel, forgieng dealings, commerce, big business, imports & exports, public opionin, moral courage, ethics, insight, different ways of thinking, transcending one’s boundaries

    • The liver, thighs, hips and pelvis



  • Look out for releases and reveals around Career

  • Areas of life that may be impacted include:

    • Professional, reputation, status, fame, ambition, achievement, honour, esteem, influence, glory, how the world sees and evaluates you

    • Your true vocation (as opposed to your day job)

    • Your father, your boss, the government, authority figures, landmarks, clocks, roadblocks, mountain peaks, skyscrapers,

    • Karma, goal setting, getting what you’ve earned.



  • Look out for releases and reveals around Friendships and groups

  • Areas of life that may be impacted include:

    • The collective, the public, the chorus, society, peers, groups, clubs, parties, stepchildren, foster children adopted children

    • The ankles, calves, shins, breath, eyesight

    • Humanitarian ideas, political beliefs, civic matters, consensus, democracy, social progress revolution

    • Bohemianism, eccentricity, quirkiness, perversity

    • Electricity, networking the internet, automation, assembly lines, labour-saving devices, large machinery, air travel outer space



  • Look out for releases and reveals around The Soul / Behind the Scenes

  • Areas of life that may be impacted include:

    • Spirituality, Compassion, selflessness, charity, empathy, intuition, mysticism, psychic phenomena, the subconscious mind, archetypes

    • Hospitals, shelters, prisons, rehab, mental institutions, hiding spots, behind the scenes spaces, places of seclusion or confinement

    • Hidden strengths or weaknesses, limitation shyness, sorrow, suffering, depression, melancholy, the dark night of the soul

    • Large animals, the feet, the immune system, drugs and alcohol









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