What could be more bespoke than a Child's Astrology Report for Christmas?

December 1, 2015




Last Friday I was at a school function for my boys chatting to one of the mums when the direction of the conversation suddenly changed….


“What are you getting your boys for Christmas?”


“Gosh “, I said getting stressed just considering the question, “it’s miles away isn’t it?”  The calendar was still in November after all.


“I’ve got no idea!  I haven’t even started to think about it”, I added.


The organised mum took it upon herself to very helpfully make some thoughtful suggestions for educational, affordable, age appropriate gifts that I could purchase online.   She later emailed some links to the items she suggested.  It was so easy, I acted immediately.


And so, for the very first time in my life, I’ve purchased our christmas gift to our boys further than 1 week out from Christmas Day.  At the risk of sounding righteous, as a result of getting some shopping sorted, I do feel calmer and a little less hurried about fitting everything in before Christmas than I might otherwise.


The advent of online shopping has made life a lot easier for those of us who loathe shopping centres and simply don’t have the time to escape to scour shops for gifts that are meaningful and affordable for our loved ones.


If you’re like me and dread even thinking about Christmas shopping, let alone coming up with unique presents that will be well received, then perhaps I have an idea for you.




Why not gift a niece, nephew, god daughter, god son, grandchild, friend or your own child my Zodiac Child's Report?


This is a wonderful report based on the Natal Astrology Chart of the child which reveals the strengths of the child and their challenges.  It is written in a way that provides guidance for parents and mentors to support the child to develop to their full potential.  It is a fabulous personalised reference tool for children of all ages.


Clients have found this report to be really insightful especially when making choices about how to best stimulate their children, manage personality needs and deciding on appropriate educational options.  But most of all, it’s a great way to tap into what makes children unique.


The report is available for $94 which includes printing, binding and postage.


If you are interested, either send a request through the website www.josephinecorcoran.com or contact me on the mobile 0418-171-040.


Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and may you get time to enjoy doing the things that you love to do.





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