What lens are you choosing?

December 3, 2017




Every now and then we experience a moment in time where from that point on, life changes and leads us down a new path.  That was me last week!


Since being diagnosed at 18 with lymphedema in my left leg, my health has been in the spotlight as I’ve searched for ways to heal and manage it.   So much so, it was a driving force behind setting up my Holistic coaching business.  By researching and engaging a range of health practitioners over the years I realised that everything is interconnected and there is rarely 1 solution to problems.  And just when you think you’re on track… sometimes things happen that you just don’t expect.


Last week out of the blue my normally reliable right leg started to swell up and wouldn’t go down.   What surprised me the most was my reaction.   I had no problem visiting the doctor and doing the follow up tests with bloods, x-rays and setting up a heart check, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the emotion that rose up in me. 


I found myself close to tears every time I had to talk about it. 


I now realise that last week I felt a deep sense of fatigue around managing the issue, and resentment that I have to start over again with getting to the bottom of the cause.   But today I do feel better.  I’ve changed my lens and in place of fatigue and resentment I feel grateful for all the support of family, friends and practitioners and appreciate that I have an opportunity to understand what’s going on from yet another perspective I haven’t yet realised. 


I don’t yet know what that looks like but I’m energised and optimistic that something new will come to light to help me gain a deeper understanding of who I am, what I’m about and how I can best help others.  To support my journey I'll continue to meditate, practice yoga, go for ocean walks and dips, hug my family, support my clients and bury myself in Astrology. ;-) 


What new lens can you look through this week?  How can you observe a situation in a new light?


Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.








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