Use today's New Moon to shift your Career in a Purposeful direction

June 23, 2017


The New Moon is always a very powerful time to bring in new things to your life - whether in relation your career, your health practices, relationships or how you have fun!!  


The new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28 day cycle. It occurs when the Sun is conjunct the Moon (at the same degree in the sky) and that gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. For thousands of years it's been used as a time for planting seeds, making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf or starting any new project.


This new moon occurs today, June 24th, at 12.30pm AEST in the Zodiac sign of Cancer.  


The new moon in Cancer brings a very intuitive, nurturing energy which allows us to get in touch with our feelings and what we want in life.  It  helps us connect to what we yearn to love, what we needed and to tend to others.


It is particularly potent as it arrives soon after the Solstice - the Winter in the Southern hemisphere and the Summer in the Northern hemisphere - which was a time of completion of a way of being as the days start to get either longer or shorter.  This energy is supportive of us all shedding what no longer serves us or distracts us from living up to our potential.  Equally it provides a fertile place to plant your vision of where you'd like to take your career and life.


The new moon is also strongly connected to the planet Mercury (being placed a close 3 degrees to it in the sky).  Mercury rules ideas, communication and transport so this New Moon is likely to spark innovative ways of thinking about how you go about doing things and communicate with others.  Look out for opportunities to connect with or even partner with people that will support you achieving your goals, and at the very least to talk to about your vision of the future.




I've become a complete convert to the practice of rituals.  From a personal perspective, I've experienced first hand the power of positive thinking and deliberate intent.  Since taking up a daily meditation practice, journalling regularly and practicing rituals at both the new and full moon each month, my business has moved forward in leaps and bounds.  Ideas have flowed, and I've attracted more ideal clients - individuals who are ambitious, spiritually curious and willing to do what it takes for them to work in a way that they LOVE.





If you're ready to shift things towards your grand vision, you can perform this simple ritual any time over the next 3 days to leverage the energy of the New Moon.  it is designed to help you set intentions that come from your heart vs your head or ego.


What you Need
  • 3 White Candles

  • 1 piece of paper and a pen

  • Small bowl of water

  • Sea salt

  • Your favourite crystals


1.Choose a location you love relaxing in where you won't be disturbed. To prepare your ritual, light and place the 3 candles in a triangle shape either on a table or mat on the floor. In the centre of the candles, place the bowl of water along with your crystals, the salt and the paper/pen.


2. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, try not to engage in your thoughts and instead allow them to float in and out. You can also place your hands over your heart and visualise moving the energy from your mind into your heart. Try to visualise a beautiful, glowing light radiating from your heart centre.  Do this for 10 mins.


3. Once you feel calm and relaxed, with your hands over your heart, state the following mantra three times 

“My heart is open is wide open and ready to receive that which is for my highest good in relation to my career. I'm ready to be guided to reach my potential by working in a way that is aligned with my purpose"


4. Now take the pen and paper and begin journalling whatever thoughts come to mind in relation to your vision for your career.  Try not to judge your thoughts or what you write.  Just allow space to explore what comes up in writing - It's amazing how quickly you can lose 30 mins when you get on a roll with this!


5. Next, take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it into the bowl of water. Using your finger swirl the salt around while stating your intention or what new beginning you would like to create. You can summarise what you wrote, or you can come up with a simple sentence like –

“Moving forward I would like to create (insert here). I would like to open space in my life for (insert here).” 


6. The salt acts as a purifier and symbolically represents good luck and good fortune. Once the salt is stirred through the water, place a dab over your third eye area. This helps to “seal” your wish. End your ritual by giving thanks and gratitude to the Universe.


7. To close the ritual, snuff out the candles but leave the water, your notes and the crystal in the center of the candles. Leave out over the New Moon to be charged. Once completed, you can discard the water or use it in the shower over your hair. Keep your paper somewhere for safe keeping until your intentions come to fruition.



Wishing you a Magical New Moon




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