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January 28, 2018




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Amongst Astrologers, Astronomers and Spiritual Healers there is much excitement (myself included!) about the energy of the upcoming Super Full Moon Total Eclipse. To activate the energy in your Personal and Professional lives, you can access my Super Full Moon Eclipse Ritual Here.


In most parts of the world it heralds as a Blue Moon although due to daylight saving in NSW & VIC it exacts at 12.26am on Feb 1, 2018 in Sydney so it’s not technically a Blue Moon for us.


Nonetheless, in Sydney the Moon will be fully eclipsed changing to a blood red colour for 75 minutes from 11.51pm on January 31, 2018.   Fingers crossed for a clear sky to witness it in!!


Apart from looking incredible.....what's all the fuss about?


This particular moon has many rare elements coming together at the one time.  In fact, the last time the world experienced a total lunar blue moon eclipse was Dec 30, 1982.  But that didn’t include the Americas.  This is their first total blue moon eclipse since late March 1866...over 150 years.  So there’s a lot of excitement about the impact for them as a result.





1.  SuperMoon

For starters, this is the 3rd Supermoon in succession.  As a reminder, Supermoon is the term used to describe when the moon’s orb is much closer to the earth than normal.  In Astrology, the moon symbolises our inner feelings and emotions and when it is physically closer to earth, it amplifies our feelings related to the zodiac sign the Moon falls in. 


With this being the 3rd Supermoon in as many months, this significantly compounds the energetic effects of this Moon.  In other words, we'll all feel it deeply, even if we don't yet know it in our subconscious.


2. Bluemoon

Secondly, as mentioned earlier, in most parts of the world, this is a Bluemoon,  Bluemoons occur when there is more than one Full Moon in a month.  These are reasonably rare occurring on average only once every 2.7 years.   


3.  Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon)

Lastly its an eclipse and the energy of eclipses is tied to our Soul-Path.  An eclipse is when the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow darkening her night light reflection onto the world and turning her a deep orange colour).  After the temporary block, the Moon’s light returns with a more intense force.


Astrologers have long associated this energy with the unveiling of things buried or hidden in our personal consciousness that needs to be brought to our attention and dealt with.  In other words, they act as a change agent revealing something to us that we need to understand and act on to move us closer towards our Life purpose.


If we’re heading in the wrong direction, they can reveal information we weren’t aware of that will help us make changes we need to make.  Insight revealed during the eclipses is not always easy to digest.  For example broken hearts, finding out people aren’t being truthful, health issues coming to the surface or realising we need to make changes in order to grow personally into a “better” version of ourselves.  It might sound heavy but they always bring an opportunity for change.  NB - the intensity of the impact of the eclipses on your life is dependent on the placement of planets in your birthchart!





This Moon will be fully lit up in the sign of  Leo at 12 degrees.  The archetype of Leo represents ways in which we are meant to shine in the world.  So we can expect this Moon to amplify our feelings connected to self-expression, romance and our desire to put our talent out into the world.


The Moon will oppose the Sun in Aquarius where the impersonal energy of groups and community is ignited  Thus a juxtaposition between personal self-expression and impersonal group connection is highlighted. 


Building on the recent New Moon in Capricorn which was all about creating a vision for the year ahead, the Leo Full Moon puts the spotlight on which of our innate talents we will express in order to achieve our Goals in the groups we are attached to.  For example, professional, political, sports,  schools or spiritual.


At the time of this Full Moon, we are asked to find a way to uniquely express ourselves in the broader community. 


In addition in Sydney, this full Moon highlights the challenge for women balancing their home-life with their career.  (Venus is separating from the Sun in Aquarius).  It is therefore possible, this full moon will bring up issues for many women about their need to express themselves fully in their career outside of their role as mother or primary care-giver. 


From where I sit as a coach, this is already a driving factor for many women, however I expect to see an increase in women's desire to regain their independence and work towards their Authentic Purpose in addition to their role as Mother, wife, partner or primary home-manager.  In short, they will be seeking opportunities to pursue their career in equal merit with their partner.  Ie more of an equal division of home duties.





The Full Moon is when the moon is completely lit up.  This occurs when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other in the sky and earth is situated directly between them.


In Astrology, the Moon represents the responsive, reflective or unconscious levels of our personality such as our emotions and needs.  It symbolises our feelings and reactions to things.


The Sun represents our identity and outward expression as well as our ego.


When the Moon is full, it represents the opposing forces of our inner and external life.  For example, us as an individual versus in relationship, our home life versus work, our creativity versus community involvement.


With the full Moon lighting up our emotions and intuition, it allows us to tap into and overcome challenges in our life.  We’re more easily able to see what’s causing us any disharmony and provides an opportunity to release what’s no longer serving us.  For example bad habits, ways of talking to ourself that doesn’t serve us, relationships that quash our ability to shine in the world or patterns of behaviour that sabotage us reaching our potential.


Each Full Moon brings an opportunity to let go of something different depending on the Zodiac Sign it is located in.  See below for a ritual to help you do just that!





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Full Moon rituals are a wonderful tool for realising possibilities and letting go of what’s stopping you from reaching your potential.


To take advantage of this month's Super Full Moon Eclipse in Leo I highly recommend taking time out to conduct a ritual to manifest your dreams and release what you know to be holding you back from achieving them.


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