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September 14, 2017



"From each according to his abilities

To each according to his needs"

Karl Marx


As an Executive Coach, I’m all about supporting people to work in ways that enables their true brilliance to shine through and connect to their Authentic Purpose.


Consequently, a large part of my work involves raising self-awareness in my clients through the lens of Astrology and Psychometric profiling.


When we are clear about what our Strengths, Needs, Interests, Values and Gifts are we can create and pursue careers for ourselves in which we’ll THRIVE.


But when we’re not clear on the above, we can make career choices and leadership decisions which have an adverse impact on ourselves and the teams we lead or are a part of.


Throughout my coaching career, the majority of clients are clear on their attributes. At a minimum they have a strong grasp on the personal resources they have to offer organisations and the skills they want to develop.  That’s not surprising given most of them have years of experience working and leveraging their skills to achieve results.  




However, less are familiar with what their Career Needs are.   Eg. The type of people they work best with, the ideal pace and structure of work for them or the optimum environment.  But the thing is, when clients recognise their Needs in depth, they reveal a great opportunity to take their career to the next level.   And let’s face it… that’s what clients want when they engage me.


You only have to look to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to realise the importance of having our Needs met in the workplace.  At a minimum we seek the basic needs of food, shelter, warmth and sleep to survive.  As you move up the pyramid of hierarchy, your needs become more complex (and harder to identify and understand).  At the top is Self-actualisation where the focus is on connecting to your Purpose and expressing meaning and inner potential.





By understanding  your Needs and working in ways that have them met, you allow for the brilliance of your Strengths to SHINE through.  Conversely if your Needs are not being met, STRESS behaviour ensues and the dark side of your personality can rear it’s head (often the very opposite of your radiant qualities).


When you're operating in stress mode, you can severely diminish your ability to perform and compromise the quality of the output of your team.  




Astrology provides a powerful lens through which to explore your Needs and Strengths.


In Astrology the location of the Moon in your Natal Chart represents the inner or Yin aspect of your Personality.  Your emotions, intuition, gut-feel and needs. Whereas the location of the Sun in our Natal Chart represents the outer or Yang aspect of us. Your self-expression, strengths and identity in the world.


When you find the right balance between focusing inwards and outwards you experience harmony and contentment as  you're accessing all parts of yourself.  But the key is to first focus within through nurturing your emotions to give you the strength to express yourself outwards.  




By exploring the Zodiac Sign your Moon is located in, in your Birth Chart, you get access into your emotional and workplace needs.


To give you insight into how the Moon sign placement informs your Career Needs, I have created a summary for each Zodiac Sign at the end of this blog. NB: This is a short snippet of the types of Career needs for each sign to give you an idea of how it would translate for you.   


If you know your Moon sign, scroll down to find the interpretation of your Career needs.  If you don't know which sign the Moon is in, in your Natal Chart, see my complimentary offer to cast your chart below..




If you'd like to find out where the Moon is in your Birthchart, you can email me here requesting a FREE copy of your Birth Chart from me.  All you need to do is place your birth details in the Comments including the (i) Date of birth, (ii)Time of birth and (iii) Location so I can cast your Chart and email it back to you with the location of your Moon.





Moon in Aries 


  • Independence, stimulation & challenge.  

  • Freedom to make decisions.  

  • Follow your own course.

  • Be active & physical.


Moon in Taurus


  • Stability, security & opportunity to settle and not be rushed.

  • Clear goals to work towards step by step. 

  • Feel valued & know you provide an essential service.  

  • Income certainty.  

  • Generate financial independence.


Moon in Gemini


  • Mobility and diversity.  

  • Stimulation of being involved in many tasks.  

  • Flexibility to self-manage hours of work.  

  • Freedom to connect with others and communicate your abundance of ideas.


Moon in Cancer


  • Feel emotionally safe and secure due to high sensitivity to those around you.

  • Family type work environment eg close team or actual family biz.

  • Build emotional &  financial security.


Moon in Leo


  • Be creative & self-expressive.

  • Express your personality.  

  • Upbeat and positive work environments.  

  • Use of personal talents.  

  • Incorporate identity into your career.


Moon in Virgo


  • Search to understand nature of health & wellbeing.

  • Structure, order and consistency.  

  • Be of service by solving problems.

  • Be productive & helpful.


Moon in Libra


  • Peaceful & uncluttered workplace.

  • Beautify and place things harmoniously in your surroundings.

  • Relate to others, establish close personal working relationships.


Moon in Scorpio


  • Depth of contact with others.  

  • Get to the root of matters in order to transform a situation.

  • Trust, honesty and integrity from others is paramount.


Moon in Sagittarius


  • Engaged in other cultures, languages and ways of being.

  • To go in search of answers.  

  • Freedom, travel and study.

  • Must be involved in pursuits you believe in.


Moon in Capricorn


  • Approval.  

  • To be industrious and productive.

  • Feel in control of your environment and those in it.  

  • Lead/Manage others. Create structures & autonomy.

Moon in Aquarius


  • Involved in the making of the future.  

  • Express your individuality.

  • Independent, lack of rigidity and flat org structures.

  • A progressive, inventive and forward looking career path.


Moon in Pisces


  • Use your strong intuition to connect to and serve others.

  • Do what suits you, not others.

  • Use your imagination daily to inspire your work.

  • Roles which require your creative, intuitive and artistic temperament.


Don't forget to take up the complimentary offer  if you'd like to know what your Career Needs are from an Astrological perspective by emailing your name, birth date, time and location through here.


If you don't want to wait for your birth chart, you can book in for a complimentary 30-minute career consultation here. It's really the fast-track to getting crystal clear on exactly what you NEED to have a meaningful and fulfilling career. Make sure you include your birth date, time and location with the main reason for your consultation so that we can make the most of our 30-minutes together. 


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Wishing you a magical week ahead getting your Career Needs Met!




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