Total Lunar Eclipse Ritual - Let Go, Align to your Heart & Shine!

July 27, 2018





"Just when the Caterpiller thought the world was ending, it turned into a Butterfly"

Chinese Proverb


At 6.20am (AEST) this Saturday 28th July, a Total Lunar Eclipse will take place at 6.20am with the Full Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo.  Full Moons are always a powerful time for bringing up emotions and informing what we need to release.  BUT this is a Full Moon on Steroids..

We are amidst an intense period of letting go, releasing and departure.  Simultaneously there is a driving creative force generating opportunities to connect to our Authentic Purpose.   The time has come for all of us to connect to our Purpose, fully express our talents  and be acknowledged.  





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1.  The Eclipse dials up emotional growth opportunities 

Eclipses are known for bringing to light things we need to know to follow our destiny.  Think course-correction.  If we’re heading in the wrong direction, they can bring to our awareness information to help make necessary changes.  Insight revealed during eclipses is not always easy to digest.  For example broken hearts, seeing the truth of a matter, health issues arising or realising change is required to "evolve" into a “better” version of ourselves.  Whilst it can be heavy they help us lead a more conscious existence in which we lead the type of life we really want to live and thrive in a career we LOVE.  


We are amidst a rare set of 3 eclipses on the Aquarius / Leo axis.  Saturday's is the 2nd in the series and by far the most powerful and emotional.  It will influence how we are in the world and indicate ways we can start anew. When it happens, the light of the Moon will be temporarily blocked and then return with an intense force which amplifies emotions.  



2.  Full Moon in Aquarius ushers in Change and Progress

The Moon will be Full at 4 degrees, 44 minutes in Aquarius.  Aquarius is an Air sign with a focus on the greater collective such as humanitarian issues, politics and communities. 


The Moon opposes the Sun in Leo with it’s focus on self-expression, the ego, creativity and generosity. 


These opposing forces bring up the tension between how you shine in the world as an individual versus how you adapt to please others.  The time has come to let go of being overly concerned to do the right thing for others .... just because that's the way it's always been!



3. Fiery Mars wants us to cut ties from people and situations holding us back from thriving.

Mars has just made the 2nd of 3 passes over the South Node. From a career perspective, this will help you to disconnect from any groups or organisations that you no longer feel aligned with.  Whilst potentially painful or challenging, this is a time to trust that in the long run, you’ll be aligning with your heart’s path. You’ll worry less about what other’s think and seek out involvement in organisation and communities you experience deep and meaningful connections in.



4. Mars may spark emotional outbursts

The day before the Eclipse, Mars makes an exact opposition to the Sum.  This represents the brightest point in the Mars cycle so it’s masculine, warrior, driving, competitive forces will be at an all time high. This adds an extra fiery dimension to the eclipse making it a volatile time for everyone. Given the Moon is next to Mars, emotions will be running high, and depending on where falls in people's birth charts, they will more easily blow-up about things that normally would only mildly phase them.



5. Uranus brings a double dose of Change & Progress

Uranus the planet of innovation, revolution and independence sprinkles in extra dose of inner-conflct.  It's square aspect to the Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse reinforces the need for us all to make progress.   But the progress may be unexpected and could take place faster than you would perhaps like.



6.  Mixed Messages with Mercury Retrograde

The icing on the cake is Mercury stationed to go retrograde yesterday afternoon (26th July AEST) .  This brings through a flavour of mis-communication.  Be mindful people may not understand what you're trying to express and you may also misinterpret what others are saying to you.  And because Mercury is in the sign of Leo, people will be extra keen to talk about themselves.


Phew…. So much going on!!!




If you feel as if you are holding back in any way from FULLY EXPRESSING your Authentic Purpose then DON'T MIISS the opportunity to work with this Powerful Eclipse Energy.  



Full Moon rituals are a powerful tool for realising possibilities and letting go of what’s stopping you from reaching your potential.


To help you take advantage of this extra intense Aquarian Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse I’ve created a journal based business & career oriented ritual for you to perform..


Simply click right here and let us know where to send it. It will be delivered instantly to your inbox . 


NB - the ritual is best performed ON or immediately AFTER the Full Moon.  The energy will be strong for 3 days after the Full Moon - but the closer to the exact time, the better!
































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