Your Total Solar Eclipse Re-Visioning and Action Guide

August 17, 2017





Have you felt it …  the electric energy that’s been created between the lunar and solar eclipses?  Personally I’ve noticed heightened sensitivities, extra energy and extra reactivity amongst clients, friends and family.


The good news is that right NOW is a super potent time to connect to our heart’s desires and take steps towards our Authentic Purpose or Soul-Path.  But that’s not always an easy path to tread.  Particularly if we realise some big changes need to be made in our life to follow that.


Drawing of the writing of the declaration of independence


The 22nd August, 2017 (4.30AM AEST) heralds the total eclipse that everyone’s been talking about.  Particularly in the USA where this exact eclipse last occurred in 1776.  The same the day of its “Declaration of Independence” from Great Britain where they overthrew their ruler and chose to take their place as a separate nation in the world. 


The simplest way to describe the impact of eclipses is as a life course correction.  A push to re-evaluate our vision for the future and take action to move towards it.


Information is abound on the internet prophesising about what may happen.  Given the sun, moon, mars and north node (soul purpose point) are all lined up in the passionate fire sign of Leo - It’s expected to be fiery, creative and very heart-felt.



In case you haven’t read much on the eclipses yet, it’s helpful to understand how they work and the energy that manifests from them.


Eclipses have long been considered auspicious by ancient cultures around the world.  Why? Because they bring to light things we don’t know that help us move towards our destiny. 


Eclipses always happen in pairs.  Alternatively, the moon and the sun experience a period of time where their light is covered and returns.  (In Astrology, the Moon represents our emotions and the Sun represents our personal expression, personality & ego).  In the moments after the eclipse when light first returns to the Moon and the Sun they appear brighter and we experience them in a different way to how we did before they were covered. 


In the same way, after a Lunar Eclipse, we notice and experience our emotions in a different way and after a Solar Eclipse we notice and experience our personal expression in a different way. 





This month’s partial eclipse on the Full Moon was on August 8th.  Full Moons always bring opportunity for emotional release.  The eclipse energy enhanced this by REVEALING what we need to let go of emotionally to move towards our purpose.  So consciously or not we’ve all be doing that since then.


But it’s been a very strong push/pull energy.  As the moon has waned, its brought through a potent releasing energy calling us to let go of ways of being that sabotage our ability to be the best version of ourselves.  Equally it’s supported us to go within and connect to our hearts’ desires.  Some days you may have felt extra energised, others you may have needed to go within.







Tomorrow’s total Solar Eclipse takes place on the New Moon when the moon will move between the Earth and the Sun and completely block it for 8 minutes.   It’s being called the great American Eclipse because it will be visible right across 12 states as it moves East to West but the impact of it will be felt around the world.   New Moons provide opportunity for visioning the future and starting things anew.  Planting new ideas and actioning them as the moon grows or waxes in the sky.


To add extra oomph to the total Solar Eclipse there are a few additional astrological factors at play getting us fired up and pushing us towards our Authentic Purpose.


  • The New Moon will line up with the Nodes Of Fete – Lunar North Node  - providing a karmic push towards our authentic purpose

  • The New Moon makes a positive connection to unconventional Uranus which helps us realise and release negative energies holding us back from our purpose

  • 2 weeks after the eclipse, on September 3, the planets Mars (planet of war, action & energy) and Mercury (planet of communication) will together pass the point in the sky where the eclipse took place at 28 degree Leo.   This will bring extra emphasis to what we need to do differently.

  • During the eclipse Mercury is retrograde, travelling backwards in the sky, forcing us to review, revise & rethink.  It will station and move forward again when it meets up with Mars and hits the eclipse point on September 3.  This will retrigger decisions made around the eclipse and ask us to make decisions about what we need to adjust for our next phase of life.  It may well mean finding a brand new path.  Honour this and adjust to it.



Without question, change is headed all our way.  It’s a time of re-alignment.  An opportunity to create new habits that will propel us forward.


It’s a time to connect to our hearts and manifest our ideal future.


The ancient Vedic astrologers always considered the eclipses a highly auspicious spiritual time. Instead of standing outside to watch it take place, they would retreat to meditate, contemplate the energy’s impact on them and chant their mantras.  The material world would be left for another day


With all that in mind, there couldn't be a better time to focus on ourselves and what we want in our career.  I suggest we follow the Vedic's lead and take our focus inwards. 


The following Activity can be completed on the day of and 3 days following the eclipse,  It won’t matter if it’s night or day.






Career Manifestation Activity


What you’ll need:

  • Pen

  • Paper/Notebook

  • Candle

  • Matches

  • Relaxing Music

  • Favourite beverage


Choose an inviting place to sit

Make sure it’s somewhere you feel secure, nurtured, grounded and is aesthetically pleasing to you.  And you know you won’t get interrupted.


Set the space up

Light the candle and put some relaxing, soothing music on.  Unless you prefer silence.


What to do

Settle into your chair


Open your notebook and at the top of the page write the statement… "I accept these things or something better into my life now for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned."


Beneath the statement, place these 6 headings across the top of the page

Heart | Purpose | Dreams | Talents | Activities | Service


Close your eyes


Take a long breath until you have completely filled your belly up.  Hold It for 10 seconds and then slowly release.  Repeat 10 times.  Then open your eyes


Now I want you to place your hand on your heart, sink into your heart-space and ask yourself questions 1-6 below one at a time. 


After each question, write down any words that come to mind under the relevant heading.  Don’t worry about getting it perfect.  Just trust that what comes through is what you need to consider right now. 


When you’re ready to move to the next question, repeat the breathing exercise and continue.

  1. What does my heart yearn for in my career?

  2. What is my career purpose?

  3. What dreams do I hold for my career?

  4. Which of my talents do I most love using in my career?

  5. Which career related activities make me feel most alive at work? ie bring me the greatest level of satisfaction and meaning

  6. What role am I playing to help / serve others through my career


When you’ve finished writing, repeat the statement that you wrote at the top of the page out loud.  Imagine the things you’ve written about manifesting in your Career. Then blow out the candle.


You can keep the notebook beside your bed and add thoughts to it throughout the course of the next month.


Wishing you a magical week,












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