Soar your Career to new Heights under the Aquarius New Moon Eclipse

February 12, 2018




On Jan 31 we experienced the Super Full Moon Eclipse which brought up a MUCH NEEDED opportunity to RELEASE things that have been holding us back from living in alignment with our PURPOSE.  But for some it hasn't been easy.  Since then, I've had clients contact me full of emotion as they're ready to make big changes in their life that they know have been holding them back.


Their reasons have varied from dysfunctional relationships, to career crisis to health issues and beyond.  But from an Astrological perspective, it’s not surprising.




Eclipses are designed to shake things up, reveal what we need to know for our highest good, process the information and then let go of what has been holding us back from living the most authentic version of our life.  


The Good news is, new beginnings await under this week's Solar Eclipse which should bring a lighter more optimistic vibe.... think "A breath of fresh air!"


The New Moon / Solar Eclipse will take place on 16th February at 8.05am (AEDT)  in Aquarius at 27 degrees.  It will be close to the South Node which represents our Past Lives giving us a final push to let go of old negative behavioural patterns that no longer serve us.. Given that it opposes the North Node in Leo, the release will support us moving closer towards our Destiny and and enable us to express ourselves and SHINE more brightly in the world,   Woo Hoo!!!


The Aquarius New Moon makes way for new beginnings.  Aquarius is the Water Bearer.  Whilst some in fact confuse it with a water sign, it is in fact an Air sign which has the ability to see things from a higher perspective.   It's key archetypes include  big picture thinking, innovation, group orientation and communication.  Therefore this New Moon Solar Eclipse will create the opportunity for all of us to start to WRITE a NEW LIFE CHAPTER from a HIGHER PERSPECTIVE.  One in which we will consider how our Actions impact on others.  Aquarians you see, are humanitarian in focus.   They thrive being part of groups and connecting with people from all walks of life as they find something interesting in everyone. 


From a Career / Business Perspective, this New Moon invites an opportunity to take a big picture perspective on where we want to take it.  There's a chance for all of us to believe in ourselves and Soar to New Heights.  But to get started, we must first ask ourselves ....What's my unique self really look like? What groups do I most want to impact with my work?  And how can I best serve people who need us most?





Every 29 1/2  days, the Moon travels through an 8 phase lunar cycle. The New Moon phase is the first of the cycle and occurs when the Moon is at the exact same degree in the Sky as the Sun.  

From Earth she therefore appears as a Black Moon.


The New Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another and is a POTENT time for starting things anew to manifest the dreams of our Heart.


It might feel like a quiet time, when life is veiled in darkness and things are brewing... but for thousands of years it's been considered a powerful time for planting seeds, making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf or beginning any new project  






As with each  New Moon. they bring a powerful opportunity to set intentions and create goals.  Aquarius energy supports us to be true to our unique self, get inventive (it's futuristic in focus), connect with groups and be charitable.  





To help you achieve that, below are 3 topics for you to ask yourself and journal responses to.  You can then work with your answers to conduct your own New Moon Ritual.



Now is the time to embrace everything that is wonderfully UNIQUE about you and incorporate that into your career.  To help you do that, journal responses to these questions....

  • What is unique about me that has me stand out from others in my Career?

  • Where do I differ in my opinions to my professional peers (and am incredibly proud of being that way!) ?



This is a time to get creative, and dream up innovative ideas for how you want your career future to look and be - let the sky be your limit!!!  To access this, journal responses to these questions....

  • What  new career / business ideas are coming in that I'm ready to act on?

  • What changes do I need to make to step up my career (NB - throw convention out the window for this one!)



 The rest of February is a social month.  Journal responses to these 3 questions.....

  • Which groups can I connect with to meet new people and potentially bolster my career?

  • Which charities are close to my heart and how can I support them this year?



Knowing what you want is one thing, the next step is to activate it using the Aquarius NEW MOON ritual. 


To access the ritual, click here..... 


Unless we set intentions for how we want our career/business and life to look, we can't expect change to happen.





With love, 





image source:  goddess inspired




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