Pisces Full Moon info & Ritual to engage your Purpose!

August 22, 2018


Finally eclipse season is over.  It's been a very intense 6 weeks of letting go.  Whilst not easy, the energy has revealed what we needed to understand to align to our Authentic Purpose..    This weekend's mystical Pisces Full Moon brings an opportunity to intuitively connect to your vision for the future and clear any outdated routines and habits holding you back.  The result... you'll create strong foundations to make way for rich personal and professional growth for the remainder of the year. 



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The Moon will be Full in Pisces on Sunday 26th August, 2018 at 9.56pm (AEST).    Within this Full Moon, there is a very powerful planetary constellation known as a Kite which has a traditional association with Fete or Destiny.


According to the Seattle Astrological Society, The basic generic meaning of the kite is an active and dynamic demonstration or expression of how an individual can use the power of “life and love” to expand into a greater role of responsibility through cooperation and maturity.




1.  Connect to your Ideals - Full Moon in Pisces - opposes the Sun in Virgo.


This Full Moon brings up the push-pull energy between connecting with your Intuition (Pisces) vs following systems and processes to do your daily duties (Virgo).


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The order vs chaos energy of this Full Moon asks us to identify where we can transform the balance around making decisions with our hearts (Pisces) vs our heads (Virgo).  Where in our professional life are we ready to release attachment to outdated ideals of where we want to take our career that are holding us back from expressing our inner truth through our work?


(Let me give you a hint..... your ideals have been busy changing to connect you to your path as Mars has been activating the South Node!)


With the Moon FULL in Pisces it represents compassion, intuition, creativity and selfless service.  Given the Moon symbolises our inner-most emotions, desires and needs, this moon is really calling for us to release where we're holding back from honouring our highest truth or Authentic Purpose. In a career sense that can manifest in so many different ways.  Not least choosing roles and responsibilities that are safe and acceptable vs honouring what your heart truly wants.


The Sun is opposite the Moon in Virgo - the sign of order, structure and analysis.  It is grounded, practical and results oriented. And it is great at setting boundaries and limits.


Together these signs spark the differences within us where on one hand we search for secure practical ways to work (Virgo) vs connecting to our heart's path, bigger dreams and finding work that makes us feel whole (Pisces).  It's not an easy decision to arrive at with mortgages, school fees and daily living costs... but the cost of not working in a way that connects you to your Purpose is much greater!!!  It's called existing vs thriving!!!


2. Getting on with it - moving out of retrograde

Throughout all of Winter (in the Southern hemisphere), every planet except Venus has been in retrograde motion (appearing to move backwards) for a period of time.  So all Winter more planets have been moving backwards than forwards.  It's highly unusual to have so many retrograde at the same time.  When this happens, there's a slowing down and revising that takes place.  Have you experienced that?


This Full Moon brings a welcome "let's get on with it" energy with both Mercury and Mars moving back into forward motion.  Mercury stationed direct earlier this week and 2 days after Sunday's Full Moon, Mars stations direct on Tuesday 28th August.  At last you should start to feel a weight lifting and a slow return of action energy.  Just in time for Spring!!


3. The Kite - feted feelings & feted encounters to move your forward

This Full Moon combines with Saturn and Uranus in the sky to create the powerful Kite shape constellation. In the chart, you can see the shape of the Kite being formed by 2 blue triangles, one on top of the other.  The kite's spine (red line) is formed by the the Moon at the top of the spine and the Sun opposing it at the bottom where the tail trails.  Saturn and Uranus fledge either side of the Moon and the Sun to create the sides of the Kite.


The bottom part of the kite forms a grand trine between the Sun, Uranus and Saturn.  All 3 are making an easy connection in practical, results oriented, earth signs.  Think of this as bringing in a gift to start to build new things in your Business or  Career!


The Sun trine Saturn will create an opportunity for recognition and success for effort you have put in up until now.


The Sun trine Uranus activates your intuition and ability to tap into your inner knowing.


Uranus trine Saturn symbolises a transition phase in life that is supported in a smooth way.  But endings are making way for new beginnings.


The top part of the Kite forms a minor grand trine between the Moon, Saturn and Uranus.  According to Elida Marchisone, they represent "practical mysticism" activating a deep desire to understand life's mysteries and belief systems.


The Moon sextile Saturn generates a desire to protect your loved ones and sense of security.


The Moon sextile Uranus stimulates exciting events and chance encounters with others.


The Key force which activates the Kite is the opposition between the Moon and the Sun.  In the case of this chart, it brings up the push-pull within that forces us to make the most of our potential!  In other words, it helps steer us on our destined path!






Full Moon rituals are a powerful tool for realising possibilities and letting go of what’s stopping you from reaching your potential.


To take advantage of this Pisces Full Moon releasing energy, I’ve provided a ritual for you to perform..


Simply click  right here and let us know where to send it. It will be delivered instantly to your inbox . 


NB - the ritual is best performed ON or immediately AFTER the Full Moon.  The energy will be strong all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - but the closer to the Full Moon, the better!


Wishing you a wonderful Full Moon!




















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