There's Money in Your Stars!

November 7, 2017

There are people who have Money

And there are people who are Rich

Coco Chanel


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Coco Chanel epitomised Innovation, Drive, Style and Independence. As head of her own fashion and perfume Empire, she was known for her Classic Fashion Sense.  Her rags to riches story was fuelled by her creative genius, while her personal life was characterised by her high-profile relationships and seductive power over influential men.


Putting it bluntly she did everything she could to be successful and to make money!


Over the last week, Money has been a hot topic personally: Doing my tax for the Accountant, Budgeting and Business Planning.


Delving into the nitty gritty of 'money' has got me thinking about how important our relationship with money really is....


How we attract it.


How we choose to spend it.


How we save it.



Let's face it, money is a necessity ...


We all need a roof over our heads, to feed ourselves and our families and to stay warm. At its most basic level, money is about survival.


But what happens when those basic needs have been met?


What does money really mean to you? 


Money is NOT simply 'money'. Money means different things to different people. 


For someone like Coco Chanel, money certainly represented power and success. For others it could mean freedom, more time, status, control or as the common saying goes "...the root of all evil" 


Money motivates each of us in unique, complex and multi-dimensional ways. 


Often times we're not even aware of what it means to us. We can be unconscious of the choices we make as a result of our relationship with money.


Over the years I have found a powerful way to help clients improve their relationship with money using Astrology.  


Did you know that your Birth Chart holds the keys to your relationship with MONEY? Specifically...

  • The best way to make a living that attracts money or material wealth your way

  • What makes you attract more money and abundance into your lives. (Hint: it's to do with their self-worth)

  • What drives you to make the decisions you do around money. Eg When you realise "retail therapy" is no longer an unconscious habit that drains them of money

  • How to attract abundance into your life. And this is way MORE fulfilling and meaningful than just having the money. It's about joy and living in the flow. 


It's literally...




Introducing, THE MONEY REPORT.




This comprehensive report is broken down into 5 sections. 


And to give you a flavour of the report, I've included excerpts from Coco Chanel's Money Report.  Fascinating!!




  • Your overall attitude to Money, emotional connection to it and what brings you to a life of True Worth. Or as Coco Chanel puts it, a person who is truly "RICH"

  • Where you are most likely to attract great wealth in terms of how you truly shine in this world. What better way to make money than using your STAR POWER aka accessing your Strengths and aligning them with your Authentic Purpose! 


Coco Chanel's Temperament


The Sun is in Leo

"Leos love the finer things in life. You love fine food, fine possessions, fine friends and fine surroundings.... As such you can be extravagant when it comes to spending money. You are not mean with money, quite the opposite. Leo is a generous Zodiac Sign. However, you are generous with yourself and with others. Security does not play an important role in your life – experience does."


Moon in Pisces

"You need to pay the bills, but actually you value creativity, imagination, sensitivity and free-flowing environments. As such you could make money from your artistic talents. You are sensitive and can be inspired by beauty and the arts."


Ascendant in Sagittarius

"Life has meaning when you are “getting wisdom”. You're open-minded, honest, idealistic, jovial, impulsive and a sometimes deep thinker. You view life as a continual adventure with many exciting lessons, experiencing good fortune on your travels. Your irrepressible enthusiasm is irresistible, and others are keen to join your adventures."










  • Understanding your personal Law of Attraction around money

  • Align with all the resources you need to become successful and fulfilled

  • How to connect with your true power to attract money and wealth into your life



Coco Chanel's

Relationship with Money 


  "With Venus in Leo money is significant to your identity. When your identity is attached to the outer image in the world, then money allows you to be seen as successful and attractive. But when you also recognise that money is the reflection of your innate worth, you become much more creative and authentic in your relationship with it. Your law of attracting money is connected to the heart. Following your own heartbeats, not others, leads to your worth. Finding your own unique and authentic expression is valuable and therefore attracts money, the symbol of your deeply creative self." 











  • Understand what personal values and resources are most likely to be the source of your wealth

  • Gain clarity on the efforts and resources you need to bring to bear in your quest for wealth and success

  • Make astute decisions in business, career and finance with a style of earning and investing that will enable you to have long term gains 


Coco Chanel's Personal Income


"The Sign Capricorn, which has a reputation for fiscal responsibility and monetary expertise, is on the cusp of your 2nd House.  This suggests that your attitudes towards economic opportunities and financial security are bound up with your sense of self-esteem and personal worth. Qualities of responsibility, duty, conservatism and pragmatism shape your approach to money. However you are also as likely to rebel again this traditionalist view of wealth as it feels restrictive and authoritative."


"Consider what your goals are and you might find that you are more ambitious and goal orientated than you might have imagined. However your ambition is to do the best at whatever you choose. Therefore it is necessary to be able to support yourself in whatever decisions you make."


"Your innate strengths and resources are best supported in a system where you feel you can be in charge or in control; therefore you are satisfied when you have jurisdiction over your own territory or are self-employed. While you might be anxious at going it alone, deep down you know it is what your heart desires. Respect is important and therefore when you find the right place where your talents and skills are respected and validated you thrive."


"The Planet Saturn, the boss, is in the sphere of the co-workers which conjures up the impression that you have innate managerial skills and need to be in control of your day-to-day environment."








  • Learn how love and trust are entwined within your finances and your decisions around money. 

  • Find out how partnerships and business networks are meant to work when it comes to attracting wealth and opportunities into your life

  • Understand what family ties still bind you to your outlook, attitude and outcomes around money

  • See with greater clarity how the economic cycles and seasons influence the money market and you



Coco Chanel's Shared Income

"..You are likely to view the world in a different way than many of your family, friends and colleagues. You seek answers to questions that are not commonly asked, and venture into areas that are often considered taboo. You are compelled to dig beneath the superficial and shallow side of life, and delve into matters of meaning and purpose. ..... If you enjoy money and the materialistic side of life then you are likely to build up your own portfolio of investments and enjoy seeking financial advice and managing your assets...


.."The Sun's placement indicates that you need to accumulate knowledge, understanding and wealth through your own efforts, or in partnership with others. The good news is that when the Sun is placed in the 8th House of your Birth Chart you have a good chance of becoming rich."


"...You're likely to benefit financially through joint projects, particularly business partnerships with your spouse."


.."You attract the right sort of business at the right time because of your charm and good sense of building good business relationships. You value the experience of learning the ropes, and appreciate the cycles of life and the economy. While partnership features strongly in your life, you are also likely to enjoy accumulating wealth through other ways such as trust funds, savings, investment, and gifts."


Image of Chanel with Arthur Edward "Boy" Capel who financed Chanel’s expansion

into clothing and the creation of boutiques in Deauville in 1913 and in Biarritz in 1915. 

They were lovers for 9 years!






  • Possibly the most powerful insight you can derive from the Money Report that will shed light on certain ideas, decisions or endeavours that you may be drawn to. Develop a greater understanding and appreciation for which of these may be most beneficial for you,

  • Find out how you can amplify certain innate traits that will serve you at the highest level; to access your full potential and experience your fortune. 


Coco Chanel's Fortune

..."Your Part of Fortune placed in the 7th House is considered fortunate indeed. It is through your involvement with others that you are able to become rich and to find more meaning and purpose in life. Others help initiate projects which are worthwhile and expose you to different approaches and values that are rewarding. Traditionally this placement would show gains from marriage and partnerships; in essence anytime that there is a contractual agreement, a verbal commitment or an equal exchange you are in a position to profit from the relationship. This is the potential of your relationships, but you need to choose wisely who will partner you on the Wheel of Fortune...."





By understanding and improving your relationship with money, including all these elements of your personal Astrological Chart, you empower yourself to make the right choices for you around money and what it means for you.


Clients who have actively engaged with insights from their Money Report have...

  • Made more money by aligning career, business and investment decisions around what they are best suited to

  • Created far more opportunities in their career and business that augmented their personal wealth

  • Identified new personal, career and business partnerships

  • Created both immediate gains and long term wealth propositions by working with their innate strengths and abilities; something that may not have been conventional, but felt completely frictionless for them

  • Developed a deeper sense of confidence and inner trust in their own abilities to generate wealth

  • Felt more in tune with the natural cycles of their business and career



This bespoke report is incredible value at $89.


If you'd like to start 2018 with a renewed understanding of how you connect to and attract Money your way, this might be just the thing for you! 


Click here to start the process...


All I need to create it for you is your Birth date, Time and Birth Location.



Wishing you a magical week ahead,









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