Maximise Career & Business Success by working with the Moon's Cycles

October 22, 2017

You have to do what you dream of doing,

Even While You're Afraid 

- Arianna Huffington


I love this quote from Arianna Huffington.  To me it demonstrates that COURAGE and PERSISTENCE are vital ingredients required to working towards success.


You know what it's like though.... some days we feel more courageous than others.... and some days we have more desire to keep persisting towards our dreams than others.



Wouldn't it be great to get some inside info on why some days we feel more inspired to do certain things at work and other days we don't? Almost like having crystal ball to help you see your future. Imagine how we could use that to heighten our performance in our careers and our businesses?


Well what if I told you YOU CAN get the inside scoop on when's best to be externally focussed (eg selling/launching) and when's best to be inwardly focussed on your business or career (product development, tidy up systems, attend to issues).  When's best to START things and when's best to END them. Wouldn't that be an advantage?



In case you're reading this and you're a skeptic about Astrology and the impact of planetary energy on us down here on earth, you only have to look to the Moon.  The gravitational pull of the Moon causes the tides to rise and fall.  At the Full Moon and New Moon, the tides reach their highest points and between them, tide differentials are more consistent. Considering our bodies are made up of 60% of water, (with the brain and heart being much higher at 73% water) there is no denying the energy of the Moon must have an equally powerful impact on us.


Agriculture has been working the with energy of the Moon for thousands of years.  The New Moon is considered the ideal time to plant crops where we eat the leaves or stem.  The reason being the growing light causes the sap to draw up the stem and out to the extended parts of the plant.  The Full Moon is the ideal time to plant root crops as the decreasing light after the Full Moon reduces the sap flow.  Therefore the energy of the plant is more focussed towards the Roots.  And when the Moon is in the final phase before new, it is recommended to avoid planting and instead tend to the soil and add nutrition.


The working of a women's body is also deeply influenced by the Moon.  When I was trying to fall pregnant and cleaned up my lifestyle, my menstrual cycle shifted to align with the extremes of the Moon - I ovulated at the new moon and had my period at the full moon.  Interestingly, according to Nadia Macleod, that enhanced my inner expression, intuition and development of my spiritual life.


But where I'm interested in the power of the moon is how it can be used to optimise our Careers and Businesses.


A few years ago, I began to trial working with the energy of the moon to see the impact it would have on my business.  I have experienced some terrific results with it,  so I thought I'd share it with you.  After all, my vision is that everyone is working in a way that they LOVE and are THRIVING in careers and businesses they're destined for.  :-)  




The earth's moon takes roughly 28 days to make a full cycle of the zodiac and it changes zodiac signs every 2.5 days.

During each monthly cycle, it has 8 major phases delineated by beginnings, adjustments, re-evaluations and endings.


Between the New and Full Moon phases, the Moon is WAXING or growing brighter.  (Like when you wax your car or furniture, it shines more brightly!)  The energy is about STARTING things.


Between the Full and New phases, the Moon is WANING or getting darker.  The energy becomes more inwardly focussed, and we naturally feel more like withdrawing.  It's a time for FINISHING  things.


Each of the 8 phases bring a different energy.  Below is a summary of what's best to do at work in each phase.






During the New Moon, the Sky is Dark.  The Moon set with the Sun.  If you think about it, getting around in the dark requires a reliance on your "gut feel" and faith that you'll get where you want to as you can't see where you're going!  


The New Moon brings an opportunity to envision new beginnings and make a fresh start, things which require a belief you can make them happen.   It's a time when you need to dream, plant and have faith in things working out.


WHAT TO DO... Set Goals.  Start new ventures, eg a new business, job, collaboration or project.  It's also a good time to have a new employee start as well as being great for launching a new product, service or offering to the market.  

To ensure you're productive for the month ahead, it's a great time to make lists of what you want to accomplish in the following 4 weeks.



During this phase, the Moon begins to show a sliver of light.  Similarly, this energy allows us to begin to realise the opportunities and challenges we will face in achieving the goals we've set out to achieve.


For some, this can be a time when people give up on their goal at the first sign of difficulty thinking it's just not meant to be.  But in fact, this is a time to be patient, keep the faith and keep working towards your goals.


WHAT TO DO... Gather information, resources, support and supplies to help you move towards your goal.



During this phase, it's time to take Action.  The New Moon is about conceiving a vision, the Waxing Moon is about understanding what you need to achieve the vision, and the First Quarter Moon is the time to make a firm commitment to your goal.  However, to do this, you may first need to alter some of your original plans.


WHAT TO DO... Make any adjustments to your goals, visions, projects.  If need be, it's a good time to change your mind.  It's also a great time to ask for support from others.



At this phase, the Moon almost looks full.  Similarly, whatever goals you came up at the New Moon will really be taking shape.  But they won't be completely there yet.


WHAT TO DO....Have patience.  As much as you may want to harvest your idea, it's not quite time.  This is a great time to fine-tune your goal/project and analyse it to ensure everything is in order.



This is the time to assess what you've achieved against your New Moon Vision, Goals and New Beginnings.  In the full light of the moon you can see what's gone well and what needs to be corrected for the future.


This phase also brings an opportunity to reflect on personal relationships.  As much as you are reviewing plans, it's a good time to review patterns of behaviour with people you care about and work with.  Naturally, things can get tense when we focus on our own goals and stop investing time in important relationships.



Take an honest look at where you are in your Career and/or Business.  It's a time to get feedback from customers, colleagues and team members.



This phase is a social one and involves the dissemination of knowledge.  It's about getting together with friends and close colleauges to discuss what's been happening in our lives and at work.  If something that's been initiaed at the New Moon, didn't work out, this phase is perfect for getting advice from others who've tried the same things and worked through to a positive outcome.  On the positive side, if your project has been thriving, this can be a great time to share your success and tips with others who are interestsed in the same areas of business as you.



Discuss your progress with others.  Teach, give lectures or conduct training.  Write letters and proposals.



This is a time to take stock of your progress through the Moon Cycle.  It's a time of understanding.  A time to fully assess how much you've adhered to or wavered from your New Moon goals. The energy of this phase allows for reflection on whether the goal was the right one or not. Now is when you think about any changes you'd like to make to your Goal ahead of the next New Moon Cycle starting in a week's time.


Please note, this phase can be a time of increased tension for you and others around you so be gentle on yourself and others.


WHAT TO DO...  Assess what you can perhaps do differently in relation to your business, relationships and creative projects.  Also a time to stand firm in your belief you are doing the right thing.


It's great for editing your work, organising / decluttering and identifying what you need to let go of.  This can be a supportive time for letting go of difficult relationships.



This is a period of resting and going inwards before planting the seeds of the next project.  It's also a time of cleansing and preparing yourself for being productive during the next cycle.


WHAT TO DO...  Think about and let go of the things, people and situations that are not supporting your or providing happiness at work.

It's great for throwing out unwanted things and tieing up loose ends such as paying bills.


To help rebuild your strength for the next Moon cycle, take time to rest, meditate, journal and eat well.




If you'd like to find out more about how to work with the energy of Astrology in relation to your career, pop over here to set up a complimentary 1:1 consult with me.


Have a magical week full of growth during the waxing crescent and first quarter cycles of this Moon Cycle.








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