Lighten your schedule this week... it's going to be INTENSE

July 22, 2018



Just before Sunrise this Saturday 28th July, a Total Lunar Eclipse will take place at 6.20am (AEST).  Fingers crossed for clear skies as I’m planning on watching this rare and spectacular event.  Not only will it visually be something to behold but it’s potency to clear out the unwanted and outdated aspects of ourselves is ENORMOUS. 


We’re at a significant turning point Astrologically.  Each and everyone of us for the past 13 months have been nudged or forced to connect with our Heart’s Path and align with our Authentic Purpose.  Haven’t you noticed how much more acceptable the concept of aligning to your Authentic Purpose has become in corporate corridors?


As an Executive Career Coach, I’ve met with hundreds of clients whose number one objective has been to work in a way that enables them to THRIVE.  To connect with their Innate Abilities and bring their passion to the fore.  No longer are they willing to compromise in roles and companies that force them to park key aspects of themselves at the door each day.


Some find the transition exciting and make required changes smoothly. 


Others struggle and resist the process.  The reality of life is bills need to be paid and changing jobs is complex and daunting.  It rates as one of the top 5 most stressful life events. 


This week however, whether you’re ready for it or not, the Stars are sending a strong message. 


It’s time to LET GO and SEE THINGS IN A NEW LIGHT – so you can get on with the business of doing what you’re here to do.  Personally and professionally!!


The week ahead is a really big one for RELEASING, DETACHING and ENDINGS.


So if you’re out of alignment with your Purpose and underutilising your Innate Abilities, this week may be a particularly emotional one for you.


To help you understand why, I'll share more about Saturday's Aquarius Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse later in the week.  I'll also include a Full Moon ritual to help you activate the potent energy over the weekend.  But in the meantime, here's what I recommend you do......



Image source: Along came Katrina 


Since Mondays are a day of scheduling I recommend you clear your diary of major meetings with others as much as possible towards the end of this week.  If you can't clear your diary, I urge you to choose tasks and activities that allow you the flexibility to be alone or have time out if you require.



If you do happen to find yourself adrift, highly stressed or struggling, the best way to relieve tensions is to connect into the watery, imaginative and highly creative energy of Neptune.  In other words, seek out activities that ignite your imagination or connect you to water.  Think swimming, walks in the rain, dancing to music and meditation to mention a few.  This is a week where I urge you to find ways to escape from reality in a positive way.  



And remember, if you're having a tough time, know that there are always people there to support you and that you're not alone.  Do turn to those you trust and if you sense I can help, you can always book a complimentary 30 mins consult with me.


Sending you lots of love and support,




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