Look to the Stars ... Leo's Fiery Energy ignites creativity & new possibilities abound

July 23, 2017


I’m in Heaven.  I’m staying with my gorgeous girlfriend of 28 years who I love like a sister.  We’re hanging at her beach house catching up on “everything” whilst being warmed by the open fire, eating yummy food and relaxing in the salty stillness that only beach towns avail in the thick of winter.  I slept like a baby for 9 ½ hours last night for the first time in years.  Just what I needed.  Why… because I am still catching up on sleep from my recent whirlwind working holiday trip to Singapore with my 2 boys AND I know when the New Moon in Leo arrives tonight (23rd July 2017), both work and life will become even more ACTION PACKED!!


At 7.45pm EST the moon starts a new lunar cycle in Leo.  New Moons provide fertile energy for kicking off projects, creating new beginnings and launching ideas out into the world. With the moon’s location in Leo, this month’s energy supports germinating creative ventures in a passionate way. In short, a good time for taking steps towards realising our dreams!!  What’s not to like about that energy?



This new moon is an especially potent one for 3 reasons.


Firstly, the fiery, driven and warrior like planet of Mars is situated right next to tonight's new moon.  This will fuel our creative spark and test our courage to do the work towards reaching our full potential and expressing that in the world in all its magical glory!!


Secondly, tonight marks the beginning of the Eclipse season.  There will be a partial lunar eclipse on August 7th followed by a full solar eclipse on August 22nd.  The energy of eclipses play out as a “wild card” that always herald change and reveal things that were otherwise unknown to us.  You can think of them as a tool the universe is using to get us to pay attention to areas of our life that need to change in order to move towards our purpose. 


Lastly, in a rare event, there will be a second new moon taking place in the sign of Leo on the same day as the Solar Eclipse.  So the opportunity to really nourish our creativity stays strong for the full lunar cycle.


Personally, the energy of the eclipses excites me as it brings an opportunity to notice what I need to change to become a better version of myself. Eclipses present us with growth opportunities at a rapid rate.  They can (depending on our Natal Birth Chart) uproot us, surprise us and get us moving.  They have the potential to rapidly force us to move out of any sort of complacency and mature personally and professionally to a higher level. 



The potency of the upcoming eclipses and the area of your life that will be impacted by it depends on your Natal Birth Chart. Your Natal Chart maps out the placement of the planets in the sky at the exact moment of your birth. Your chart also reveals information about different parts of your life - through the lens of the Asrological House system.


To help you connect with the eclipse energy to move towards your purpose, I'll be broadcasting daily on FB Live from Aug 7th - 18th 2017.  



For the next 4 days, I have a FREE special offer…. So that you can understand which area of your life the lunar eclipse will impact the most, I will send you a copy of your Astrological natal chart.  This will allow you to prepare for and look out for opportunities for growth in the area of your life affected by this energy.


All you have to do is like my biz fb page, share this post with your friends on FB and email me here.  In the subject section write  “Request for Lunar Eclipse 2017 chart”.  In the comments section, enter your  full name, date of birth, time and location.





In return I will email you an image of your Astrology chart and inform you which part of your life to watch for reveals.


Wishing you a magical week ahead.






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