Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse Ritual to Crown your Professional Destiny

August 8, 2018






The Zodiac sign Leo rules Royalty, amongst other things Lit up by the Sun, Leo indicates the aspect of your Life in which you're destined to lead and shine.  New Moons in Leo always bring an opportunity to connect with your Innate Gifts.   But expect this New Moon to reveal changes needed to align you to your Purpose as it's also a partial Solar Eclipse.  


The New Moon takes place on Saturday 11th August at 7.57pm (AEST) in Leo.  Whilst we won't witness the Solar Eclipse in Australia, it's impact is considered by Astrologers to be auspicious in revealing course corrections required to align you to your destined path.


This is the final in a series of 3 extremely powerful consecutive eclipses which have urged you to connect to your Heart's path.  These eclipses have connected in with the Leo/Aquarius Nodal Axis.  With the North Node pointing to Leo, we're all being pushed to identify how we can best lead and shine in the world.  The question that begs all of us is "What is the gift we're here to use for good in the world?"  


To give you an idea of the scale of the impact right now, these energies only take place every 19 years. 


So this is a New Moon Ritual you DO NOT want to SKIP.  Whatever you wish for, has amazing potential to happen.




The symbol of Leo is the Lion.  Ruled by the Sun, its all about self-expression.  When this fire sign is at its best it's highly creative, outgoing, romantic, spontaneous, fun, loyal, proud and thrives on attention.  It yearns to lead and be centre stage and can be fantastic at it when confidence is high.


However, when Leos lack vision or feel thwarted in any way, they lose confidence, wound easily, get fixed on ideas and self-focussed.  They need to shine and receive feedback and praise for work well done. 


Here's the thing.... we all have Leo energy ruling a part of our Life.  Which part is determined by your Natal Birth Chart.  The part of your life Leo rules is where you're meant to shine most brightly - it has a profound impact on how your put your Innate Abilities to use in your Career!

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1. Mercury may bring in messages from old connections

Retrograde Mercury is right next to the New Moon inviting in people from your past to bring a new perspective.  This lunar cycle is ideal for re-connecting with your professional network.  Everyone is going through changes right now so there's plenty of new ideas floating around out there for you to tap into - you just have to make time to do so!


2.  Everything is still up for Review

With more planets moving backwards in the sky than forwards, the urge will be strong to analyse where you are at with your career or business.    Use this to get tactical.  Take the pressure off, slow down, take stock, make plans and plan how to move forward when the time is right in September.  


3. Venus, Chiron & Saturn challenge us to prioritise our needs first in order to better help other

Venus, Chiron & Saturn make challenging aspects to one another.  Venus and Chiron have a push-pull energy around focussing on helping others to the detriment of ourselves.  The opportunity to release this comes with putting hard work and energy into our Careers.  Naturally balance is required and focussing purely on career can't fix the problem,, but when you're doing work in your career that lights you  up, it enables you focus on yourself, bolster your confidence and have positive energy to help others without depleting yourself.


4. Invitation awaits to understand, create & expand our Gifts
Chiron, North Node, Venus  and Mars connect in the sky to create what's known as a mystic rectangle in fire and air signs.    This brings in an opportunity to create, understand and expand your gifts so that you can fully express yourself in your career or business and bring inner harmony.  


5.  Intuition will be strong this Lunar Cycle

With a pisces Ascendant and Neptune in the Soul's house, this New Moon brings laser beam focus to your intuition.  Take time to mediate and journal to help you connect to your Innate Abilities and come up with Career and Business Plans.


6.  Support to make professional career plans & commit to a course of action

With Saturn in the house of Career and at the highest point of the New Moon Chart it brings about a focus to set career and business goals, create a plan and when it's time commit to actioning the plan.


7.  Don't forget to have FUN!

This New Moon takes place in the house of joy, romance, fun, play, hobbies and creative self-expression - so be sure to include having a great time in your New Moon wishes!






As with each  New Moon. they bring a powerful opportunity to set intentions and create goals.  Leo energy supports us to get clear on our professional talents, creativity and identity.  Madonna is the epitome of Leo working overtime.  Like her or not.... she knows how to get attention and how to shine her light!!!   



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To help you shine a light on your Career, below are 4 areas for you to ask yourself questions and journal responses to.  You can then work with your answers to conduct your own New Moon Ritual.



With Leo ruling your "STAR" quality at work, journal responses to these questions to use in your Ritual.....

  • Which of my talents do I love working with the most?

  • What's the best professional stage for me to use to show-off my talent?

  • How can I showcase my talent to more people who value what I do?



With Leo activating your creative genius, journal responses to these questions to ramp up your career and business.....

  • How can I bring more creativity into my life and career this month?



Leo's love to be rewarded for their hard work and a little extra spoiling never goes astray!! 

  • What have I achieved so far this year that I'm super proud of?

  • How can I reward myself this month for all of the hard work I've put into my career this year?

  • How can I spoil someone I love this month (remember it comes back in spades which ultimately helps you in your professional life!)


4.  HAVE FUN!!

Leo is all about having fun - after all, isn't that the point of investing so much in our Career.  

  • How can I bring Fun into my personal and professional life this month?



Knowing what you want is one thing, the next step is to activate it using the LEO NEW MOON ritual. 


To access the ritual, click here..... 


Unless we set intentions for how we want our career/business and life to look, we can't expect change to happen.



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