Ready? Time for Career Growth with Jupiter in Scorpio

October 9, 2017


"The Truth is like a Lion;

You don't have to defend it.

Let it loose,

It will defend itself."

- St Augustine





As an Executive Coach, combining Positive Psychology with Astrology, Jupiter is one of my favourite planets.. I know I shouldn’t be biased but I am!!!.




Jupiter is the largest of the planets in our solar system and is considered the “lucky” planet.  It’s energy breeds truth, expansiveness, big picture thinking, optimism, generosity, a thirst for knowledge and a desire to understand how the world works.. 


What’s not to like about that when you’re an ambitious person?


Jupiter is located a fair distance from the Sun and moves reasonably slowly through the zodiac signs taking a little over 12 years to complete a full cycle.


On the 11th October, 2017 (AEST)  Jupiter moves OUT of the fair, equitable communicative and loving sign of LIBRA where it has been for the last 12  months.  It is moving INTO the intense, passionate, investigative, transformational and leadership sign of SCORPIO.  It will be in this sign until November 9, 2018.


Scorpio is a water sign and experiences deep feelings and deep emotions.. With Jupiter’s expansiveness moving into this sign, we will all be taught to connect to and understand our emotions and feelings and express them to others.   We will also all be pushed to connect to our hearts desires and express them too.







"Most of the most successful people I've known,

do more listening than talking"

- Bernard M. Baruch



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To attract career success in this energy, put your all into any heart based projects you are working on – professional and personal.. You are particularly likely to thrive when doing work to help others, especially if you are helping others to heal in any way. 


You may think the work you’re doing is not connected to healing but there is always room in a day at the office to be the ear for someone who needs to talk about something.  Find ways to support others, in doing so, you’ll increase career growth opportunities for yourself!!

The more you support others in your day, the more you  opportunity for expansiveness in your career


Other things that we will start to appreciate in ourselves over the next 12 months with this cycle is decisiveness, intensity, willpower, commitment, and strength.  Think about what these things mean to you and where you can incorporate these traits into your career





The last time that Jupiter was in Scorprio was October 2005 to November 2006.  Whatever we started back then, is likely to blossom, increase or require an adjustment of some sort in order to continue to flourish.  If you think back to your career and what your focus was then, how can you see that blossoming, growing or requiring some adjustment in order to grow further NOW?


Personally, back I 2005, I was building my experience and competency as a qualified coach.  I was working with corporate clients around leadership and embedding learnings from professional development programs delivered by my employer, pHueL.  It was an exciting time of professional growth for me.  As a result I’m really looking forward to discovering what the impact of this Jupiter in Scorpio transit will be on my career.   


Based on my experience during the previous transit 12 years ago,  I sense this transit will provide me with an opportunity to “go deeper” with my work.. That is discover new ways to engage clients, have a lasting impact on the way they relate to their career and create real change for people . It will also be an opportunity to speak about what's deeply meaningful to me!!.  And I’m excited to see how this translates!!



I’d love to hear what the focus of your career was back in 2005.   What can you see yourself continuing to help grow that you started back then?  


Have a magical week – and sending lots of ABUNDANCE your way.


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