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May 9, 2017




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At 7.42am on Thursday morning (AEST), the Moon will be Full in Scorpio.


The Full Moon is when the moon is completely lit up.  This occurs when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other in the sky and earth is situated directly between them. 


In Astrology, the Moon represents the responsive, reflective or unconscious levels of our personality such as our emotions and needs.  It symbolises our feelings and reactions to things.


When the Moon is full, it provides an opportunity to release things that are no longer serving us.  For example bad habits, ways of talking to ourselves that don’t serve us,  relationships that quash our ability to shine in the world or patterns of behaviour that sabotage our potential.


Each Full Moon brings an opportunity to let go of something different depending on the Zodiac sign it is located in.


May’s full moon is in Scorpio – the sign of power, transformation, sexuality, intensity and secrets.  It is opposite the Sun in Taurus – the sign of stability, pleasure and receptivity.


Together these signs create a powerfully sensual and intuitive energy.  If you are dealing with a broken heart, limited beliefs around your personal power in relationship or trauma, this full moon provides you with support to release some of that energy.  It also provides you with additional energy to tap into your inner wisdom and trust the thoughts and ideas that come through.


Adding to this, this month's Full Moon comes at a time when the personal planets of Mercury and Venus ( which combined affect our ability to communicate and connect /partner with others) are moving forward after a number of weeks being retrograde (appearing to move backwards in the sky).  This change will help clear the way to see your path forward.


Full Moon rituals are a wonderful tool for letting go of what’s not serving you so and allowing a more evolved version of you to come through.  To take advantage of this highly intuitive and power new moon, I’ve provided a ritual below.


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When to do it

It is best to release things when the Full Moon is complete and starting to wane.  This month, you can conduct the ritual anytime between 7.42am 11th May and 7.42am 13th May.  Personally I prefer to perform rituals in the light of the Full Moon.  However if your schedule doesn’t concur, you can perform the ritual during the day.



What you’ll need

*  A Candle and Candle Holder

*  Piece of paper and pen

*  A glass of water, to connect with Scorpio’s Water element



In the days leading up to doing the ritual start thinking about what you want to release that’s not serving you.  Create a list using bullet points or sentences – summarising what you’re ready to let go of.


On a separate piece of paper,  create a 2nd list of what you want to experience more of and what you want to feel.


Identify where you’d like to perform the ritual.  It can be at home in the backyard, or somewhere in nature.  Personally I love to head down to the beach where I can hear the water lapping against the shore.  But I appreciate not everyone has access to this.  Find somewhere you feel comfortable and connected to nature.


What to do

When you are ready, light your candle and place the glass of water next to it.  Have your 2 lists to hand.


Look into the flame and connect with it’s ability to burn away what’s old

When you are ready state the following intention:

I (name), set the intention to welcome healing into my life.  During this Full Moon in Scorpio, I release the following: (read from your 1st list or state from memory what you are letting go of.)


Once your release is stated, set the list alight with the candle and allow it to burn.  As it is burning, imagine all the ideas on paper being erased and new energy emerging in its place.  Once you've finished burning the paper, state the following:


I (name), allow myself to heal. I accept change. I accept myself. During this Full Moon in Scorpio, I am ready to feel: (insert 2nd list here

or state what you want to experience and feel moving forward.)


To complete, take a sip of water from the glass, close your eyes and sit in the new space of personal power and self-acceptance.




Wishing you all a magical week.



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