Heal Wounds & Dream Big with the Pisces New Moon!

March 15, 2018




In Western Astrology, Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac and Pisces is the final one.  The New Moon on March 18th, 2018 at 12.11am (AEDT) at 27 degrees Pisces takes place shortly before the Sun moves into Aries starting a new 12 month cycle.  As with all cycles, just before they end, there is an opportunity to intuitively sink into what's taken place over last year for us, pause and then set up for the next 12 month cycle.   And this will be important as once the Sun moves into Aries, we move from dreaming into serious ACTION mode.


The Pisces New Moon invites us to access our intuitive, creative and "being there for others" energy to set goals and intentions that are beyond our wildest dreams and be supported to achieve them.   BUT there's more... this Moon has a strong air of compassion, not only with others but for self.  And there is a space for healing old wounds and starting afresh which is perfect ahead of getting into Action mode.  Like the sound of that?


Here's why....


Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune which has a strong dream energy attached to it. 


In ancient mythology, Neptune was the Ruler of the Seas.  In Astro terms it represents where we seek to find and merge with the divine and escape from the reality of the everyday.  It's also highly emotional and changeable ..... as you know, oceans have the capacity to be calm one day and stormy the next! 


So with the New Moon in Pisces, it brings opportunity to connect to our intuition, be sensitive to what's going on for others around us and recognise how we can be of service to them.  


Emphasis on letting go to Start Anew


I love the New Moon for it's opportunity to start things anew.   But this new Moon has an extra emphasis on releasing in order to start things anew. 


Firstly it falls at one of the very last degrees of the Pisces sign in the sky and the final degrees of the sign signify closure by letting go in order to move on.


Secondly, the Moon is strongly connected to the centaur Chiron.  In Astrology, Chiron symbolises the wounded healer and represents our deepest wounds and where we seek to heal them.  Located next to this new Moon Chiron will help us heal emotional pain and transform.  As a result of our healing, we'll become more empathetic of what others go through making us more compassionate and strengthening bonds.  Expect possible waves of emotions.... where Chiron comes up... so do tears!!!


In business, you can use this energy to transform negative energy around things that aren't working and release them.  That way new directions and courses of action can emerge.


Mars is emphasising old wounds so be conscious of how you react to things

Under this New Moon action oriented Mars is likely to trigger old wounds.  The key is to work consciously and if there are things coming up at work, in your relationships or areas of health, rather than take instantly reacting, stop to take a few breaths and tap into your intuition.  Then ask yourself, "What is the best way to address this issue?  How can I confront this person or situation in a way that is compassionate but also gets my message across? Then listen to your gut.  If there's a whirring inside that won't go away, it's speaking to you letting you know you need to take action.  If there's a void.....take pause and come back to ask yourself the question at a later stage (if you still need to!)


Straight after the New Moon the pace of work and life will go up a notch

The second half of March will bring a much stronger action orientation than we have had for the first half with a number of planets moving out of water signs and into action fire signs.  Mars will also be moving into building mode as it embarks on a journey through ambitious and practical Capricorn. So use this Moon to get clear on what you want as time will start to feel as if it's moving even faster!!!






Every 29 1/2  days, the Moon travels through an 8 phase lunar cycle. The New Moon phase is the first of the cycle and occurs when the Moon is at the exact same degree in the Sky as the Sun.  

From Earth she therefore appears as a Black Moon.


The New Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another and is a POTENT time for starting things anew to manifest the dreams of our Heart.


It might feel like a quiet time, when life is veiled in darkness and things are brewing... but for thousands of years it's been considered a powerful time for planting seeds, making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf or beginning any new project  






As with each  New Moon. they bring a powerful opportunity to set intentions and create goals.  Pisces energy supports us to dream, face our fears, get intuitive, heal and surrender.


 image source: houstondoverelease.com




To help you achieve that, below are 3 topics for you to ask yourself and journal responses to.  You can then work with your answers to conduct your own New Moon Ritual.



Now is the time to revisit your biggest dreams and let your imagination do its thing.  Journal responses to these questions.....

  • How can I connect to my imaginitation to nourish my career dreams?

  • What dreams am I ready to chase, regardless of the fear over the coming month?



With so much releasing and healing energy attached to this New Moon, it's a powerful time to face your fears.  Journal responses to these questions.....

  • What situations or fears are holding me back from pursuing my dreams that I'm ready to release?

  • What does "being healed" in my career mean to me?



With so much mystical energy floating around, now is your chance to set intentions on how to connect with and use your intuition more in your career.  Journal responses to these questions.....

  • How can I better connect with my intuition (eg write down any hunches you have an see if they come true)?

  • In what areas of my career can I trust my intuition more?



Knowing what you want is one thing, the next step is to activate it using the Pisces NEW MOON ritual. 


To access the ritual, click here..... 


Unless we set intentions for how we want our career/business and life to look, we can't expect change to happen.



 image source:  estherbeltran.com




With love, 






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