Get honest with where you really want to take yourself under the Capricorn Full Moon

June 24, 2018


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This week's Full Moon in Capricorn on 28th June at 2.53pm brings with it a very serious and stern energy.  The time has come for all of us to get completely honest with ourselves about where we're headed, how we value ourselves and be responsible for our own actions.  If it sounds heavy, it actually is.  But heavy in a way that will make sure we take action versus contemplate it. 


When it comes to nurturing our careers, businesses and way of life, we know the importance of having goals, working towards them, reviewing them regularly and where things aren't right - making changes to correct them.  So there's nothing to be alarmed about.... just know that it's less likely to be a big party or light and fluffy this Full Moon. 


We're talking about important issues - that involve working hard towards results!!!


If you're like me and want those results straight away, then jump straight to the New Moon Ritual to get started. 




Full Moons in Capricorn are never light - they tend to have a somewhat repressed and resigned tone but this month things are made heavier by a number of forces.


1.  Our Rules & Boundaries are being amplified

The Moon will be located at 6 degrees of Capricorn.  Symbolised by the goat, Capricorn represents hard-work, control, structure, responsibility, making things happen and practicality.  Think dedication and wisdom earned through experience.


The ruler of Capricorn is the ringed planet Saturn.  Under this Full Moon, Saturn is located right next to the Moon.  Saturn is all about rules and boundaries so that amplifies all the ethical work-oriented qualities of Capricorn.


2.  Energy is extra tense with Moon Opposing Sun in Cancer

The Sun opposes the Moon, in the sign of Cancer.  Cancer is all about nurturing, family & compassion... everything Capricorn isn't.  The Moon rules the zodiac sign Cancer and this Full Moon she finds herself "facing off" the Sun shining in Cancer where she most enjoys being so it exaggerates the natural Push-Pull energy tension associated with Full Moons.



3. This is the 1st Full Moon in Capricorn since Saturn moved into Capricorn in Dec 2017

This Full Moon will bring up events linked to how Saturn in Capricorn will play out for each of us as it moves through the sign over the next 3 years.  Bottom line, Saturn in Capricorn rewards hard work so if you are slowly, but consistently working towards an end goal right now, expect this Full Moon to bring up adjustments required to help you get there.  The adjustment may not be easy, but trust it's best for the longterm.  NB - if you haven't got a professional or personal development focus then I strongly urge  you to consider what you can slowly but steadily work towards bringing to fruition in December 2020.  



 4. Time to GET HONEST with yourself and with others!!

The South Node which represents endings and releasing is in Aquarius and continues to be activated by Mars forcing us to let go of outdated beliefs and ways of doing things (as described in my New Moon post here).  Just before the Full Moon Mars will station (appear to stop in the sky) and begin to retrograde (appear to move backwards in the sky).  As Mars moves backwards back over the South Node, it influences us to review, revise and rethink what's outdated in our life that's holding us back from our purpose.  And when you add this to the "no bullshit" factor of Capricorn, it's time to GET HONEST with yourself and with others!!!!  


5. Self-Worth, Money & Personal Resources are under the Spotlight

In the East Coast of Australia, the Full Moon takes place in the 2nd house of Personal resources, Values and Finances. 

So there is a big push to release ways of being that erode your self-worth.  It's time to stand up for who you are, what makes you unique and start using your personal assets in a career that's aligned with your Purpose!  But you have to take responsibility for things.... you are the one in the driver seat, you can't wait for these things to come to you... you have to know what you want and set about making it happen.  Don't blame others for what you don't have.  Bring in your Capricorn responsible side, stand up for yourself and take the steps you know you need to take.







The Full Moon is when the moon is completely lit up.  This occurs when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other in the sky and earth is situated directly between them.


In Astrology, the Moon represents the responsive, reflective or unconscious levels of our personality such as our emotions and needs.  It symbolises our feelings and reactions to things.


The Sun represents our identity and outward expression as well as our ego.


When the Moon is full, it represents the opposing forces of our inner and external life.  For example, us as an individual versus in relationship, our home life versus work, our creativity versus community involvement.


With the full Moon lighting up our emotions and intuition, it allows you to tap into and overcome challenges in our life.  We’re more easily able to see what’s causing us any disharmony and provides an opportunity to release what’s no longer serving us.  For example bad habits, ways of talking to ourself that don’t serve us, relationships that quash our ability to shine in the world or patterns of behaviour that sabotage us reaching our potential.


Each Full Moon brings an opportunity to let go of something different depending on the Zodiac Sign it is located in.









Full Moon rituals are a powerful tool for realising possibilities and letting go of what’s stopping you from


reaching your potential.


To take advantage of this Capricorn Full Moon releasing energy, I’ve provided a ritual for you to perform..


Simply click  right here and let us know where to send it. It will be delivered instantly to your inbox . 


NB - the ritual is best performed ON or immediately AFTER the Full Moon.  The energy will be strong for 3 days after the Full Moon - but the closer to the exact time, the better!










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