New Moon in Libra Ritual - the Feisty Feminine

October 8, 2018



"We come to love not by finding the perfect person,

but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly" 

Angelina Jolie


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Typically the New Moon in Libra brings an opportunity to set intentions and make wishes connected to RELATIONSHIPS & BEAUTIFICATION.  Ruled by the love planet Venus, Libra is heavily influenced by what's going on with Venus.  'For the period of this month's lunar cycle, Venus is in Scorpio and she's Retrograde.  


So the flavour for 'this New Moon is much more about penetrating to the depth of matters and seeking the truth  in the most important relationships to us.  It also brings an opportunity to reflect on making changes required to beautify our surroundings.  But first,.... an in-depth analysis of what's meaningful to keep and what's not has to be reached.


What we learn about others may not be easy to digest.  It's possible that we may identify new imperfections in our loved ones and colleagues and associates. 


The question is "How do we deal with this new knowledge?"  


The answer is "Reframe and Integrate to strike a new balance!"   


Love her or hate her,  Angelina Jolie is not one to shy away from delving into the depth of matters as far as relationships are concerned.  And you certainly wouldn't want to cross her.  She has a feisty edge and this month it's possible that like that side of Angelina, there'll be conversations had that dig deep and have you learning where other people stand and having to make adjustments accordingly!


At 2.47pm on October 9th, 2018  (AEDT), the New Moon in Libra takes place. 


This New Moon brings a powerful opportunity to set goals and intentions around relationships, balance, contracts and beautifying your surroundings. 


With close relationships being under the spotlight it's the perfect time to review and set new intentions connected to your personal and professional connections.  Which relationships do you need to work on and what new kind of relationships would you like to create?



Due to the positive feedback from last month, I'm using video to explain the details of the New Moon and planetary energy.


Below the Video are all the materials you need to jump straight into doing your Libra New Moon Ritual to support your Career/Business and personal life this month. ;-)





As with each  New Moon. they bring a powerful opportunity to set intentions and create goals.  LIBRA energy puts the spotlight on relationships, balance, harmony and beautification.  When we consider other's needs in business and our personal life, we open up to relating in a much deeper and more meaningful way.  We also open ourselves up to connection, love and richer interpersonal connections.  And when that happens, it can have a profound impact on our clients/customers/suppliers/colleagues/managers AND the important personal relationships too.


You can use the Questions below as a catalyst for exploring what New Moon intentions you'd like to set.



Evaluate the important RELATIONSHIPS in your work life......It's important to remember that relationships are about give and take.  They're about creating harmony by considering other's needs as well as your own.  This month ask the following questions....

  • Which of my primary work and personal relationships do I need to bring back into balance, ie create more of win-win for both of us?

  • How can I create greater harmony in my primary relationships at work and at home?



With the focus on Win/Win this New Moon, it's perfect for renegotiating anything you're not happy with in a relationship or business dealing.   This month ask yourself.....

  • Which of my business dealing or contracts am I not happy with, what would I like instead?



Libra rules beauty and so this month brings an opportunity to set intentions around beautifying your appearance and your surroundings.  It may sound materialistic, but both of these have an impact on the first impressions you make with your clients/colleagues/suppliers and management. This month ask yourself....

  • Am I presenting my best self at work from an appearance perspective?  If not, what would I like to change?

  • What changes can I make to beautify my work surroundings?




Knowing what you want is one thing, the next step is to activate it using the LIBRA NEW MOON ritual. 


To access the ritual, click here..... 


Unless we set intentions for how we want our career/business and life to look, we can't expect change to happen.









Wishing you a magical month ahead!


With love, 






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