December's Super Full Moon.. it's time to speak your Truth

November 30, 2017


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At 2.46am on 4 Dec, 2017 (AEST) there will be a very powerful Full Moon in the sign of Gemini at 11.  It is a Super Moon (closer than usual to Earth) so her energy will be amplified!  However, given the Moon takes place very soon after Mercury goes retrograde, the resulting impact of it on your work and life will be more of a slow release than instant hit.  It may also feel like you're in a holding pattern with very little change until after Mercury moves out of its post-shadow on January 10, 2018.


Building on the recent New Moon in Scorpio which was all about connecting to your inner truth, the Gemini  Full Moon puts the spotlight on authentically communicating that to your loved ones, siblings, neighbors and colleagues. 


Gemini has an archetype of curiousity, connection, researching and multi-tasking.  It thrives on fast paced variety and LOVES sharing ideas.  Opposing the Moon, the Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius which is about higher learning, international travel, teaching, philosophy and speaking your truth to others.  


At the time of this Full Moon, we are asked to find a way to communicate to others what is of deep meaning to us.  It is also about finding the balance between wanting to know everything quickly and taking the time to learn and teach things in depth.


Adding extra ooomph to the event, both the Moon and Sun will square Neptune generating a combination of strong will and intuition.   Therefore if you take time to out to conduct a ritual connected to your personal and professional dreams, you will be heavily supported to manifest what you want and release anything you're aware of that's standing in your way.  






The Full Moon is when the moon is completely lit up.  This occurs when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other in the sky and earth is situated directly between them.


In Astrology, the Moon represents the responsive, reflective or unconscious levels of our personality such as our emotions and needs.  It symbolises our feelings and reactions to things.


The Sun represents our identity and outward expression as well as our ego.


When the Moon is full, it represents the opposing forces of our inner and external life.  For example, us as an individual versus in relationship, our home life versus work, our creativity versus community involvement.


With the full Moon lighting up our emotions and intuition, it allows us to tap into and overcome challenges in our life.  We’re more easily able to see what’s causing us any disharmony and provides an opportunity to release what’s no longer serving us.  For example bad habits, ways of talking to ourself that don’t serve us, relationships that quash our ability to shine in the world or patterns of behaviour that sabotage us reaching our potential.


Each Full Moon brings an opportunity to let go of something different depending on the Zodiac Sign it is located in.





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Full Moon rituals are a wonderful tool for realising possibilities and letting go of what’s stopping you from reaching your potential.


To take advantage of this month's Super Full Moon in Gemini I highly recommend taking time out to conduct a ritual to manifest your dreams and release what you know to be holding you back from achieving them.


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