Can you feel your Truth Rising?

November 19, 2017

Since expansive Jupiter moved into the sign of Scorpio a little over 5 weeks, the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandals broke through and led to the #MeToo campaign.  In turn that has opened the flood-gates to revealing the true-colours of many high-profile and powerful figures in Hollywood and political circles who have been abusing their power and taking advantage for a very long time.  


Jupiter in Scorpio is forcing the truth to the surface.... and that it has already started to do in spades with the global issue of sexual harassment and gender discrimination.  But it is also affecting us all personally.


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Scorpio is not just about sex, it is also about power, transformation and our deepest psychological needs and emotions.   In other words it represents our deepest personal truth.  The truth often buried so deeply within our subconscious we're unaware of it.... until it gets triggered.  And that's exactly what Jupiter is doing for all of us.


As a Holistic Executive Coach, I'm passionate about helping clients connect to their truth.  Connect to their heart's greatest desires and find passion and true meaning in their career.  So I'm rejoicing the energies in the heavens right now as  they are forcing us all to confront and better understand issues that are holding us back.  We are being shown which of our behaviours no longer serve us and we're getting clear about any relationships that rob us of our own personal power.


Over the weekend, the New Moon took place in the sign of Scorpio.   It was a particularly potent and emotional one.  Whilst the experience of this New Moon will be different for each of us, it will have triggered a realisation of what needs to shift or change within us so that we can align to our most authentic way of being and SHINE.   


Jupiter is making a 1 year transit through Scorpio so everyone will be connecting deeply to their truth in some part of their life.  And when the truth comes to the surface things have to change.  In some cases, the changes will be challenging as has been the case for MeToo campaigners, but the process will be worth it!


On a personal note, being clear on my boundaries has been a hot issue over the weekend.  It's brought up how people-pleasing tendencies created in my child-hood sometimes still hold me back.  Even though the issue has been revealed in my private life...... I've recognised the flow-on affect it can have on my professional life. 


Being a sensitive soul, I feel the energy of negative influences around me deeply.  Therefore it's vital that I surround myself with positive, supportive and loving friends and family in order for me to bring my best version of self to work each day!!  Recognising what needs to be done is one thing, doing it is the next step.... but at least I'm clearer on what I have to do to honour my truth.



If the weekend brought up issues that you know you need to address in order to morph into a better, brighter version of yourself .... Go gently.  There's no rush to make changes immediately.  You can use this time in the lead up to Christmas and January holiday period to let thoughts settle within you.  Honour what's coming up for you and allow yourself to consider what you need to do next to be true to you.


Conversely, if you were inspired and awash with ideas after the New Moon.... take note of them, they will be valuable tools for you to work with over the coming year.


Wishing you a week ahead of finding your truth, having the courage to honour it and to start to make plans for any needed change that is aligned to your highest good.


With love, 





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