Build self-worth & manifest your heart's desires with the electrically-charged Taurus New Moon

May 9, 2018





Can you feel the electricity of change building within and around you?


Typically May brings an opportunity for rest and self care but the second half of this month brings holds space for personal re-invention and and a laser-beam intensity to set and attain personal and professional intentions and goals.


The New Moon takes place on Tuesday May 15th, 2018  at 9.48pm (AEST) in the sign of Taurus (the Bull).   It follows on from last month's Lunar cycle which was all about starting things anew with courage and conviction (read more here).  The Taurus Lunar Cycle welcomes a more nurturing, fertile and insightful energy to creatively tend to your vision.  BUT, continue to expect the Unexpected,


Here's 5 reasons why..... PLUS my New Moon Ritual to help you activate this powerful energy.


1.  The New Moon is in Taurus

Taurus is a fixed-earth sign with an incredible ability to manifest what it wants.   It represents fertile ground in which seeds of ideas, projects and new ways of being (inspired by last month's new moon in Aries) can be planted and nurtured.  Symbolised by the Bull, the energy of Taurus brings in patience taking a "steady as she goes" pace firmly putting one foot in front of the other.  


The sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus and in this sign she represents money, self-worth, personal values, personal resources and possessions. Taurus LOVES the creature comforts of life and as is extremely sensual and tactile.  Put bluntly it values the finer things in life that money affords it such as good food, wine, beautiful possessions, and massages to name but a few!  


So the Taurus New Moon brings an opportunity to prioritise your values, examine your self-worth, review your finances and explore new ways to self-nurture.


2.  Extra personal transformational power is available with Pluto & Mars

The New Moon makes a trine aspect to both Pluto & Mars.  This will re-inforce your ability to connect with your personal power and leadership skills to take on new challenges.  It will also provide a boost to your self confidence to trust yourself and give you courage to set intentions that once upon a time may have just been a pipe dream! 


3.  Breakdowns,  Breakthroughs & Laser Focused Energy

Shortly after the New Moon,  unconventional Uranus will move into Taurus after having spent almost over 7 years in Aries.  

This is a BIG DEAL which I will write about in more detail early next week.  


Uranus  brings unexpected change with the potential to alter the landscape of things overnight.  With it moving into the sign of Taurus,  it is likely you'll feel a desire to change, move forward in a new way and possibly even embark on new adventures.  But in order to move forward, get ready to break down outdated ways of being.


Both Mars and Mercury will also connect with Uranus throughout the New Moon period generating a laser focused energy to support goal attainment.  Even if things don't pan out according to your original plan, you'll have a strong desire to keep persisting towards your goals.


4.  Moon is quincunx the Midheaven enabling you to reassess your career values

For Australians in the Eastern Seaboard, the New Moon chart creates an opportunity to review your career choices.  More than ever, you'll want to work in a way that allows your personal talents and gifts to shine through rather than to trying to please others in your life.  So this is a great time to set up positive self-talk patterns related to career and let go of old set patterns established from parents, old teachers or friends that no longer align with your view of the world,


5. Use your home & family to set nurturing intentions & goals

This New Moon is located in the 4th house of family, the home and property for people based in the Eastern States of Australia.  So it’s a great time to build on your self-worth by taking great self-care IN your home






Every 29 1/2  days, the Moon travels through an 8 phase lunar cycle. The New Moon phase is the first of the cycle and occurs when the Moon is at the exact same degree in the Sky as the Sun.  

From Earth she therefore appears as a Black Moon.


The New Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another and is a POTENT time for starting things anew to manifest the dreams of our Heart.


It might feel like a quiet time, when life is veiled in darkness and things are brewing... but for thousands of years it's been considered a powerful time for planting seeds, making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf or beginning any new project  






As with each  New Moon. they bring a powerful opportunity to set intentions and create goals.  Taurus energy supports us to  methodically take the steps that will  convert our personal and professional vision for ourselves into reality.




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To help you achieve that, below are 3 areas for you to ask yourself questions and journal responses to.  You can then work with your answers to conduct your own New Moon Ritual.



The sign of Taurus is connected to our personal & worldly values , the way we view ourselves, and how we choose to prioritise what matters most to us.  In order for others to value and respect us, we must first value and respect ourselves highly.  It is only then that we can bring our depth of resources and power out into the world from a professional perspective.  Journal responses to these questions.....

  • What 5 things do I value most in my  life? (Hint: connecting to these things will inspire, uplift and also regenerate you when your battery is low)

  • How can I prioritise them and make time to focus on them?

  • What talents am I resisting from putting out into the world for fear that others won't value them?  And how can I take a small step towards incorporating more of that into my professional self?



This month puts a spotlight on Money for everyone... so it's a great time to focus on your financial situation, both personally and professionally.


Journal responses to these questions.....

  • What are my personal and professional financial goals for the next 12 months?

  • Who can best support me to review and create my personal and/or business financial plan?

  • What is a realistic time-frame for me to complete a personal and business financial plan?



If you have been going full-tilt since the last New Moon, this Moon brings in a slower paced energy and will reward those who fit more relaxation/down-time time in.  Journal responses to these questions.....

  • What creature comforts can I bring into my life this month that will help me relax and make my life better?

  • How can I activate all 5 of my senses this cycle (hint this is an earth sign so getting into nature brings rich rewards!)



Knowing what you want is one thing, the next step is to activate it using the TAURUS NEW MOON ritual. 


To access the ritual, click here..... 


Unless we set intentions for how we want our career/business and life to look, we can't expect change to happen.


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With love, 






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