Boost your Career this Spring with a Detox: Body, Work & Soul.

September 2, 2017

“Oh my darling petaled one,
dream once again of the brightened sun.
Lift your arms up light and high,
reach with all you are for the sky.
For the dream of your life is not over yet.
It will not end 'till this sun has set.
Breathe and sway in the breeze, darling one.
Life fill your veins with the light of the sun.” 

― Mina Marial Nicoli, The Magic of Avalon Eyrelin



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Spring is finally here in the Southern Hemisphere.  Woo Hoo - I say!


Whilst here in Australia we’ve experienced a considerably mild Winter, the full brunt of it's impact has been felt  by so many who have fallen ill or suffered from ongoing fatigue.  (My family included!)  Newspapers have been quoting significant rises in Winter flu-like symptoms across the country for a longer time-frame than usual.  And last week I wrote about Whooping cough in our family which has now impacted 9 out of 22 children in my son's class.


Winter is naturally a season for hibernating, nourishing our bodies with hearty food and sleeping longer in order to survive more testing physical conditions.  The natural change of pace can be welcome by so many of us who readily burn the candle at both ends.  However, if Winter turns on you and impacts your health, your work takes a hit as well.


That's why I LOVE Spring.  As the weather warms, so too do our bodies, energy levels and desire to spread our wings again.  It's a time for rejuvenation, starting afresh and making plans.  BUT before we embark on new adventures, it's really important to firstly make time to clear out any toxic debris left behind from the Winter season.


To give your Career a major boost and every opportunity to soar over Spring, Summer and into Autumn next year,

Detox your......

  1. Body

  2. Work

  3. Detox your Soul


Last Spring, I took the whole detox process more seriously than I ever had before and the results have really paid off.  This year I have been more industrious, creative and energised than I have been in years.  As a result, my Business and Career has transformed.








It's certainly not new news that Spring is a great time to conduct a detox to clear out the toxins that have accumulated in our bodies over Winter.  Over Winter, we experience a build up of acid in the blood from heavier meals and more treats such as chocolate, coffees and red wine (to mention just a few!  As a result of this and the colder weather the muscles in our bodies tighten and we feel it in our necks, shoulders and backs more than any other time of the year.   



To help me flush out the acid and toxins and loosen up my muscles, next week  I'm doing a Spring Intensive Yoga detox. Every morning for 5 days I'll be at the beach by 5am for a run, swim, cold shower and yoga session.  It's followed up by a diet full of fresh greens, soups and detoxing teas to help restore the body to a more alkaline state.   At night, we have a wind down stretch routine to push things through and out of the body!


It's possible this concept sounds like HELL to many of you.  A few years a ago I would have agreed. However, the impact last year's Yoga Spring intensive had on me was so profound on my vitality, I signed up as soon as it was scheduled this year. (Thank you Newport Yoga Centre)


I'm not suggesting you have to take the full-on approach I am.  However, if you're keen to make some changes, below are a couple of things to contemplate.


A.  Make a list of any foods & beverages you know are no good for you that you've been consuming more of over Winter.  Choose 3-5 and commit to giving them up for the month of September.  Get rid of them from your cupboard and don't shop for them!   PLUS add lots of FRESH GREENS to your diet as many times a day as you can.


B. Make a plan to MOVE MORE by diarising at least 3 x 45mins exercise appointments with yourself in your diary (more if you already do).  Choose an activity you know you'll enjoy otherwise, you won't do it!








As with our bodies, Work during Winter tends to be a time where we bunker down more .  The focus can be on getting things done during the day then head home to rest rather than going out to connect with others.  It can also be a time where we focus on the detail of the job and perhaps spend less time looking to the future and creating a vision for where we want to be.  It's more about survival than big picture issues. And it can be more about DOING your Career vs Working ON your Career to take it where you want.


Now that Spring has arrived, so has prime-time Networking Season.  Think Sports Finals, Spring Racing Carnival and then all of a sudden we're into Christmas Party Season.  From here on in the year just flies and we have an amazing opportunity to connect with people and share our Career Dreams and Vision with others. 


BUT, you want to make sure that when you're out there Networking you doing it with people you want to connect with.  And you want to be armed with the tools to support your Networking.  So to make sure you're ready, I recommend


A.  Detox your Professional Network


1. Start by getting clear on your values.  

2. Make a list of colleagues, clients and professional contacts who are aligned with your values and who support you in your career.  Schedule time to meet up with them before Christmas.

3. List any people in your network or colleagues who aren't aligned with your values, don't support you and are toxic to deal with.  Actively choose to stay clear of them and politely decline invitations to catch up.  I appreciate it's not easy to avoid a toxic client... but it's seriously worth considering if you want to continue working with them.  You don't need negative energy around you - it only holds you back from being the best version of you in your Career!



B. Tie up your Loose Ends


To ensure you're prepared for connecting with others, think about what you might need to 'tidy-up" ahead of networking season. Do you have any projects, work items that you've been dragging your feet on that you could complete with one final push?  Are your personal marketing tools up to date?


Review the list below and consider if you need to create or update any items.  All personal marketing tools are constant works in progress so ensure any recent achievements are incorporated.  Remember, having outstanding things on your to-do list can weigh you down.  If you clear the decks now, you make way for new opportunities ahead!


1. Online profile - LinkedIn; Facebook; Instagram; Twitter

2. Networking list

3. Client Lists

4. CV

5. Career Plan

6. Proposals

7. Projects







The Full Moon takes place on September 6th at 5.02pm (AEST).  The Full Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are directly opposite one another in the Sky.  In Astrological terms, the Moon represents the responsive, reflective or unconscious levels of our personality such as our emotions and needs.  It symbolises our feelings and reactions to things.  The Sun represents out identity, personality and outward expression in the world.


At the Full Moon a heightened push-pull energy is generated which when harnessed can provide an opportunity to release things that are no longer serving us. 


This month, the Full Moon is in the watery dreamlike, emotional and highly intuitive sign of Pisces.  Whilst the Sun is in the earthy practical, routine based, health-conscious sign of Virgo.  In Short, the balance between structure/order and creativity/chaos is being triggered with creativity being lit up.  The Moon is also conjunct (next to) Neptune in the Sky adding extra sensitivity and a yearning to connect to our Soul.


So, what this means is this Moon is very powerful for letting go of daily routines, work-habits and health approaches that are toxic to us and are sabotaging our potential.  


As a result, I urge you to take some time out some time over the Full Moon period (Sept 6-9) to let go of your responsibilities, relax and unwind and detox your Soul.  It's likely to be an emotional few days and difficult to get productive so you may as well use it to clear out things no longer serving you in your Career.


The best way to ride any foggy confusion that may arise is to focus on the here and now.


During this Full Moon you will more readily be able to connect in with old emotional patterns that are holding you back, release an aspect of it and to allow for new ways to come through.  It will also bring through creative ideas and help you connect to your intuition or inner knowing.


So often with our career we’re assessing how far we’ve come, what we’ve done and how we can use that in order to continue to build our career.  We make plans, and more often than not are influenced by those around us.  We measure ourselves against how far others have climbed that ladder or built their business or created an amazing family.  And in doing so we bring through toxic thoughts and behaviours that strip us of our creativity, of our individuality.


So this Full Moon Be present!!!  


To help you do that, I've outlined a short ritual to embrace the energy.







What you Need

  • Pen, paper, matches, candles, glass of water, large bowl

What to Do


  • Seat your yourself in a comfortable position on the ground/floor with your items around you.

  • Now light the candle

  • Start by stilling your mind and energy.  With your eyes closed, take 8 long slow, deep breaths.  Make sure you pause and hold for 8 seconds at the end of each inhale and exhale before moving to the breath.

  • Across the top of the page write ."What do I most need to let go of to help me move forward in my Career?

  • Sit and wait then as ideas come, write them down.  (It may be thought patterns, it may be certain behaviour, it may be certain people or it may be something else altogether.)  Don't judge, don't question.  The point is to see what comes up and trust that is what is most holding you back.

  • When you have finished the list, sign and date it

  • Now take the piece of paper and light one corner of it with the candle.  As it burns, make the statement....

  • "I freely let this all go.  And it is so"

  • As the paper begins to burn, place the paper in the bowl 

  • Once the paper is completely burnt, sit in silence with your eyes closed and allow the inspiration of the ritual to process for as long as you need.

  • Afterwards, I always enjoy a cup of cleansing tea to wash things through the body.


Wishing you a magical Week ahead.

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