At work thinking “I really don’t want to be here next year”....take ACTION now!

October 15, 2017



Today it’s exactly 10 WEEKS to Christmas.  


Not sure where that time went?  Do you still have lots of things you want to achieve? Let me assure you...You’re not the only one!!  I’m putting my hand high in the air waving it around yelling “Me Too!”


Why the push to finish off things by the end of the year?


Because 2018 brings a New Energy with a strong focus around ACTION and LIFT-OFF in our Career and our Business.  Especially if we've taken advantage of the energy of this year.  


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2017 has been all about connecting to our heart’s desires, getting clear on our purpose and creating a vision for ourselves and our businesses that is true to our Authentic Self.  


When the Lunar North Node moved into Leo earlier in the year, it began an 18-month cycle pushing us to connect to our gifts, recognising our heart's desires and changing how we work to bring us into alignment with our Authentic Purpose.  So this year has been really powerful for connecting to our personal and professional dreams and setting ourselves up to make them a reality.  


Throughout the course of next year things start to change.  A new energy will arise.  An energy which will bring an opportunity to put into action the way that we’ve connected to our heart's yearnings and purpose.   




For those of us who have clarified what we want professionally and invested time in building the foundations, next year will be about getting lift-off.  There’ll be opportunities to connect to others with see the world similarly to us and championing their cause.  In turn, we’ll experience the benefit or support from those who believe in our work and business.


The good news is, there’s still plenty of time to complete any big ticket items on your Professional / Business “To Do” List.  There’s also plenty of time left to get very clear on your Unique set of Gifts and Authentic Purpose and make sure you’re connecting to them in your Career and establishing busineses that are true to who you really are.


Remember, if we’re not clear on these things, we run the risk of not being as successful and purposeful in your career or Business as we have the potential to be!!


I know it might not feel as though we have much time, but if we stay focussed, create boundaries for ourself and plan the next 10 weeks wisely, then we can set ourselves up for things to be different for ourselves professionally in 2018.  That way we'll be able to enjoy the Festive Season all the More!!

I have time available now to work with you to connect to your Gifts, Needs, Values and 

Authentic Purpose before 2017 closes out.  Just contact me here if you'd like to discuss how we can do that.


Also, in light of the powerful activation energy next year I’m offering a 90 minute Year-Ahead Astro Business Consult to help you...

  • get clear on your professional goals for 2018

  • take advantage of opportunities available to you through your unique Astrology Chart which you may not be fully aware of

  • bring to bear your greatest gifts and strengths that have been simmering or laying dormant

  • awaken and activate your full potential so that you get to create the 2018 you deeply desire.


Why not bring a Holistic Approach to your professional life and give yourself every opportunity to soar in 2018? Let's have a chat about what that might look like for you. The first 30 minutes is on me. Contact me here.


Have a magical week.








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