Anthony Robbins puts an entrepreneurial spin on the 6 Needs that drive human behaviour.

September 24, 2017


In keeping with my theme of exploring your Career/Professional Needs, Tony Robbins' article: 6 Basic Needs that Make us Tick gets you thinking about your ability to succeed in Business by exploring your Personal Needs.  


You can read the full article here.


Robbins condenses the Human Needs into 6 categories.  4 related to your Personality and 2 related to your Spirituality.  


I've outlined them below and shared my thoughts for each need based on my career coaching experience.


The key thing to note here is, as Tony Robbins says...



"We all have the same six (human) needs, but how we value those needs and in what order, determines the direction of our life."





1. Certainty/Comfort – need for basic comfort & certainty. The higher the Need for comfort, the less risk you're willing to take. This is aligned with Maslow’s base Need in his hierarchy. This influences how much risk you’re willing to take to create your business success.


I consistently meet senior executives and high net worth entrepreneurs who have been willing to take "calculated" risks to get them where they have in their Career.  


It's worth challenging yourself on this and seeing how much you sit in your "comfort zone" as opposed to pushing yourself into a "stretch zone".



2. Uncertainty/Variety – need for variety in life. I believe that this closely linked to another Need below (growth) and specifically growth by learning to overcome problems.  This creates character and builds resilience.  


I'm a huge proponent for the value of Challenge in pushing personal and professional career growth. The stronger your resilience, the more likely you are to keep working towards your Career Goals no matter the obstacles.



3. Significance – need to feel important, unique or needed. Robbins talks about how people find significance in different ways.  It doesn't have to be money related.  However, it can be a big money maker.  Think about those business people who create luxury businesses targeted at giving you a unique, once in a lifetime experience in their hotel, their boutique store or their restaurant.


In my experience in the corporate world, so many individuals glean significance through making money and/or spending a lot of money. In many cases, those people get a lot of joy from spending what they've earned.  It makes them feel significant.  


On the flip side, there are people who derive significance from spending as little as they can.  It makes them feel special to hunt down a bargain!!  


This is an interesting one to tap into and ask yourself .."What makes me feel significant?"  especially if this is one of your top needs. 


So often many of my clients look for something external when it's utterly misleading. I agree with Robbins, that...


"The ultimate significance in life comes not from something external, but from something internal. It comes from a sense of esteem for ourselves, which is not something we can ever get from someone else".



4. Love & Connection – need to love and be loved by others.  Without love in your life, the pain can be so great it negatively affects your output.


This need taps into my holistic approach to life.  When one part of your life is negatively affected, it impacts on other parts of your life.  


To manifest your idea of success in your life, you need a strong sense of connection with people you love and to feel loved in return.  I think this need is so incredibly powerful in business when you are partnering with people you have a "love" for.  I'm not talking intimacy.  I'm talking a deep trust, and love for their character and spirit.





5. Growth – need for constant growth.  If you're not growing, Robbins believes it's impossible to experience real fulfilment by knowing you have something to give others.


Personally I'm a self-confessed learning junkie.  I thrive on getting my hands on new information!  To lead a team, business or organisation, setting yourself up with knowledge to share with others creates an opportunity for growth in so many ways.


6. Contribution – need to give to others.  Ultimately money will feel worthless to you unless you’ve earned it through making a contribution in some way.


In my view, this is a really powerful point.  


Clients of mine who focus on HOW they can use their personal resources to serve others, experience a rich sense of purpose and satisfaction in their career. 



As you can see,  I'm in agreement in many ways with Tony Robbins 6 human needs.


However, the aspect of the article I MOST agree with is his overarching core principal that your earning power is inexplicably connected to your self-worth. 


Unless you place a high value on yourself and the resources you have available to contribute to the world – you compromise your ability to meet your personal success expectations in Business.


If you find yourself questioning why your salary or business bottom line is not where you’d like it to be.. it’s could be worth booking in a complimentary consultation with me here so that we can examine how to shift things around to have your needs met. No strings attached. Unlock the keys to your true potential. 







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