All you've got to do is TRUST

November 16, 2018

This week I finally got to see A STAR IS BORN starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.


What I anticipated was to bawl my eyes out watching a romantic love story with great eye-candy.  Instead, what I got was something much richer and much deeper.  This movie brings to the surface so many challenging issues that run rife in today's society from self-doubt to not feeling worthy-enough, from broken homes to substance abuse, from loneliness to dealing with fame, from hidden creativity to truly putting yourself out there.  A Star is Born is layered, poignant and truly soulful.  


image source: time magazine


But it's not just the movie itself that has moved me.  Somehow the process of how the movie came to be is even more appealing to me.  In this movie the Singer (Gaga) becomes the Actor and the Actor (Cooper) becomes the Singer.

Bradley Cooper's Directing and Singing debut is phenomenal.  From 5 months of singing lessons and performing as if he's sung his whole life to recording a duet with Gaga at their first ever meeting in her apartment on his iPhone which he used to pitch to the Studios.  From filming 1 take non-rehearsed concert scenes in front of crowds gathered to hear Willie Nelson and getting it right first time to writing songs that they both perform in the movie.


And Lady Gaga is incredibly real as an Actress.  In her interviews, the key to the success is the TRUST that Cooper puts in her.  She talks candidly about Cooper creating a true Sanctuary each day on set.  A sanctuary in which each actor could safely bare their heart and soul without judgement.


It's little wonder this movie has touched me.  As a coach I'm passionate about supporting my clients to fully ulilise their Innate Gifts and Talents and Follow their Authentic Purpose.  This movie epitomises the importance of believing in yourself and having the courage to put yourself out there.  It's about TRUST.  It's about trusting in yourself and connecting with others who you can put your trust in.  That's when your soul can fully express itself!!


From an Astrological perspective I find the timing of the launch of this movie fascinating.  The North Node has just finished moving through Leo which has encouraged all of us to align with our Purpose and follow our Heart's path.  For 18 months we've all been touched in very different ways by events, thoughts and realisations that life is not a dress-rehearsal, that we only have one chance to share our talent and that we need to start doing that now!!  


The Nodes have just moved into Cancer which is about nurturing our Vision of what we want to do and bringing our dreams to life.


So for me, this movie comes as a timely reminder to get on with the job of doing the work to follow our Dreams.


If you've got some time, this interview is a great insight into these 2 incredibly talented performers talking about how the movie came into being.  Such a breath of fresh air learning about how it all came to be. !!!




Wishing you a magical weekend.


Much love











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