A very JUICY new Moon

April 25, 2017




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"If you can dream it, you can do it"

Walt Disney. 



On April 26th, the New Moon occurs at 10.16pm (AEST).  Personally I relish in New Moons as they bring an opportunity to create new beginnings and refresh dreams and desires.


April’s New Moon is in the very sensual sign of Taurus which creates a visionary energy for what we DESIRE.  In our lives, Taurus symbolises our values, personal resources/belongings and money. 


This months new moon is particularly potent as Venus (the planet which rules Taurus) is very happily situated in the zodiac sign of Pisces.  In this sign, Venus (and therefore Taurus) is highly intuitive, readily able to dream and very creative.


The good news is that soon after the New Moon, Venus will move into the action sign of Aries to help you harness your vision.





As a coach, I'm always mindful of the energy of the new moon as it's ideal for supporting clients who want to do things differently and are ready to make changes.  


If you're ready for change, then I recommend you make the most of this highly intuitive, creative and grounded new moon.  Choose to make yourself a priority and take yourself to a nurturing location where you won't be interrupted.  This can be at home or out somewhere you love being.  Start by grounding yourself with some deep breathing and then ask yourself the question ..."What do I want to create anew in relation to my values, personal resources/belongings and relationship to $"  Sit with the question for a while then take pen to paper and journal what comes up for you.  In writing, you create the new vision.


Sending lots of moonlit wishes your way.



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