A new era of Personal & Professional expansion awaits... Yay!!

December 13, 2017



The last couple of years with Saturn in Sagittarius we've all been pushed to get clear on our Purpose and Personal Vision.... with Saturn changing signs into committed, hard-working and achievement-oriented Capricorn, a new era of putting our authentic selves out into the world begins.  Think personal & professional expansion, making something of your Purpose and working with others in the way YOU WANT TO vs how the old systems wanted us to!!


At 3.49pm on 20 Dec, 2014. (AEDT), Saturn will leave Sagittarius and won’t return again until 21 Feb 2044! (I’ll be 73 then so I plan on making the most of this energy NOW!)


Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn so with the changing of signs, we'll be experiencing a double whammy on the "making things happen" front.... especially if it's aligned to our Purpose!  Here's why... Saturn is hardworking, authoritarian and disciplined.  Capricorn is conservative, responsible, wise and ambitious.


Saturn is a slow moving planet spending close to    2 – 2.5 years in a sign as it moves through the zodiac. As an outer planet it is slower moving, making it’s energy potent on a global level  as well as creating big shifts for us on an individual level.. 


Whenever Saturn makes its way through a sign it sprinkles its conservative, responsible, ethical and hard-working nature into that aspect of life. Currently it’s completing its journey through Sagittarius (which started Dec 2014).  One of the key themes of this has been taking responsibility for creating an ideal vision (Sagittarius) on a global and personal level.  In short, it has helped us push the boundaries that are restricting us in the world and in our personal lives to move closer to our purpose.  And from where I sit, it was much needed on both fronts!



As Saturn passes into Capricorn, the emerging energy will support us to put our dreams and ideal future into action.  For those of us who are clear about what we want, the universe will give us the extra push to work towards our dreams, expand our presence and effectively take our offering to the world. 


NB: If you are still working on your personal and professional vision and dreams, expect some flashes of insight to arrive until Saturn changes signs.  But in order to do so, you need to make sure you create some down time..... even if it's just 15 minutes before you fall asleep during this busy festive season.





Wishing you a wonderful day 





image source: meditationinwestchester.org


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