8 Ways to Nurture Yourself and Clear your Thinking

August 9, 2016


So August is here.  It’s amazing to think we’re well past the half way mark of 2016.  In the year of the Fire Monkey (see more here), I shouldn’t be surprised  It is a year ‘on the go’.


As a result, I am very grateful to have just arrived back from a retreat in Byron Bay.   We spent a week self-healing through meditation to clear and align our chakras (points in our body where energy flows through).  We were well nourished with fresh produce and fresh air all well away from the routine and electronic connections of daily life! 


Back in the real world, we all have to find ways to juggle the many demands of daily life.  This isn’t always easy.  Many of my clients come to me to help manage stress. They are so busy putting others needs before theirs that by the time I meet them, they are often depleted, lacking inspiration and struggling to recall what they are passionate about.  Feeling lost and overthinking blocks them from being able to make decisions about their career and impacts their performance.


So I thought I would share 8 simple but powerful techniques to get you out of your head and nurture your body without investing big $. They’re time efficient and great for revitatlising yourself, generating inspiration and helping you tap into your own wisdom.




1.  GROUND yourself

Take 10 mins a day to stand/walk barefoot on the earth.  Ideally the beach, grass or dirt.  If this isn’t an option choose an earth based flooring such as stone pavers, wooden floorboards or concrete. 



Because over time a +ve ionic charge builds up in our bodies from things such as WiFi radiation, PC use, mobile device use and exposure to electrical circuitry.  The build up of +ve ions is harmful to the body causing oxidisation and reducing blood density.  Standing barefoot on the earth facilitates an ion exchange with the earth’s –ve ionic charge and neutralises the body naturally healing it.



2.  Take a 10 min FOOT BATH

Dissolve Epsom Salts in a bucket with warm water.  Place some stones from the earth on the bottom and soak your feet whilst rolling them around on the stones.



Our feet are designed to be stimulated and they love texture and massage.  This aids circulation.  The Magnesium from the Salts is important for increasing energy, aids digestion, relieves muscle aches and spasms and regulates the levels of Calcium, Potassium and Sodium in the body.


3.  Foot MASSAGE

Follow up the foot soak by giving yourself a 5 minute foot massage with Sesame Oil.


Why?  The massage stimulates circulation.  The Sesame Oil (which has been used for thousands of years in massage) bolsters your ability to handle stress, supports joint movement, supports the intellect and nervous system and nourishes the skin and hair.







Buy food that is in Season and grown locally.   So much of the fresh food available at the supermarket these days is not actually in season where we live. 


Why? Our bodies require a wide variety of foods year round and respond best to Seasonal Eating.  Eating seasonally supports the bodies organs which require heating and cooling as the natural temperatures fall and rise throughout the year.


5.  Choose LOCAL FRESH FOOD when possible

It’s important to eat food picked as close to it’s origin as possible.  If possible shop at a local growers market or better still get your own vegie garden going!  If that’s not possible, set up a herb garden on your balcony and regularly include that in your meals.


Why?  The longer the food is picked  and stored before it’s eaten, the less biophotonic or “life force” energy it has available to supplement our bodies. 


6.  Create ROUTINES

Whether you live alone or have a family, set up a routine for the mundane chores that simply have to get done.  Choose a day of the week for the major chores such as changing sheets or cleaning the house and get everyone in the house to pitch in.  It’s amazing how much time can be saved by getting everyone to take their own sheets off the bed!!


Why?  Routine creates familiarity, certainty and helps build a sense of security within us.  Getting the family to pitch in also trains them for the future!


7. Trust yourself to SOLVE YOUR OWN PROBLEMS

If you have a tendency to get others to fix things for you, next time you have a problem TRUST YOURSELF to solve it!  It doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself.   What matters is taking responsibility for working through the steps that need to taken to get the problem resolved.


Why?  It builds self confidence, resilience and a sense of security.


8.  Book a HOLIDAY

We all need a reward for our hard work and a break from the every day.  


Why?  Holidays are powerful for healing your SOUL.  







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