5 ways to generate Fulfilment & Joy

October 28, 2017

"The only purpose of life is to be ourself,

live our truth

and be the love that we are"

Anita Moorjani 



 image source: www.anitamoorjani.com


When things come to me in 3s, it makes me stand up and take note!!!  In the last week 3 different sources directed me to Anita Moorjani's incredible body of work that is her first book "Dying to be Me".  Her story is beyond inspirational.  One with many valuable lessons for all of us to adopt.


It's inspired me to share Anita's top 5 things to bring your Awareness to in order to live a Life full of Purpose, Meaning and Joy!!


As the year draws to a close and and we're connecting with people both to achieve work goals and and celebrate the festive season, consider bringing her 5 key points from her TedTalk into your consciousness.  I have no doubt that taking an element of each point to every meeting, networking seminar or party will leave you feeling more inspired and fulfilled vs exhausted and drained by year end.  


Our experience of our Career and sense of Success is, after all, determined by where we put our attention to anyway!







1.  LOVE

Focus your awareness on love of self and love of others will naturally follow.


When we value ourself first and foremost, we teach others how to love and treat us.  In return we are treated respectfully and our personal boundaries and needs are honoured.  It is when we don't fully value ourselves, that we fall prey to working in unhealthy work environments or toxic work relationships.  We are also more prone to getting sick!


As Anita states, "The more that you love yourself, and the more you realise how powerful you are, you actually become more generous because you can afford to be. You're not afraid of keeping things close to your chest, or competing or fighting. You know that you will get what is yours."




Remember when you were a child?  Remember those dreams in which you felt anything was possible?


Unfortunately for many, those dreams fade.  The reason for this is that as we grow up and navigate our way through life it's impossible not to be impacted by the fears of our families and close connections.  

For most of us, our loved ones and carers are doing their very upmost to keep us safe throughout our formative years.  With the best of intentions they warn us not to do things "...in case you might hurt yourself..." or "that's not the way how we do things here".... or "that's not acceptable behaviour". 


Whilst they want to keep us safe, in actual fact, what they consider to be nurturing statements and behaviour can often create anxiety within us.  This can lead us to start to judge ourselves as not being good enough, over worry about making mistakes or get nervous about really going for things.


Instead of continuing to live our lives FEARLESSLY which is how we pop out of the womb, we begin to let FEAR get in the way.  It's this that can stop of us from striving towards our dreams and purpose.


As Anita highlights, love is what actually keeps us safe - NOT fear!  




I'm a Leo and at my core is a hunger to have FUN!  This point really resonates with me.


Anita believes that making time to have fun, experience humour and see the joy in life is more important than any other spiritual activity.  


So what better excuse do you have to do plenty of this between now and Christmas?!




I know we've all heard this before and we recognise it's truth.  It's just that sometimes life just doesn't feel that way.


Unfortunately at certain points in our career, we can reach a stage where work and/or life feels much more like a chore than a gift.  The danger is when we live too long treating our career and/ or life as a chore, we blow out the candle of Fulfilment and Joy.


Having now used Astrology with hundreds of clients to support their career, it's so obvious that challenges are what we need in life.  They bring the gift of opportunity to change course, take a new direction and evolve into a more purposeful version of ourself.


So if you can't see the gift in your current challenge, then make a change!!!  The change is the gift the challenge brings.




This final point is about being your AUTHENTIC SELF.


Life's too short not to shine your light brightly in the world.   Find ways to use your unique combination of talent, needs and purpose.  And find ways to share your passion with others!


This festive season talk to others about matters of your heart.  And take the time to enquire about what really matters to others.  That way you'll be guaranteed to have some really profound conversations!!



I highly encourage you to watch Anita's TedTalk below.  I promise it will spark something within you.


Have a wonderful week.


Josephine xo







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