3rd house (in your Natal Astrological Chart)

August 11, 2017


Today is about the impact of the eclipses on your 3rd house (in your Natal Astrological Chart). 

It can be quite overwhelming, but you are not alone in feeling the intensity of this. Energetically we're ALL being called to move towards our Authentic Purpose. It's time to be connect to your gifts so that you can be truly aligned with what you are meant to do. 

If we're disconnected from our gifts and purpose, be assured that the universe will be giving us a prod. If we don't respond, the universe prods that little bit more - and we might find things a little extra challenging to deal with.  The key is to be aware that the prod creates opportunities. Change. New beginnings. Have faith that you are being led towards your destiny. 

If you missed the detail about the eclipses, check out my blog post here.





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