Easter Full Moon in Libra prepares us to go FULL THROTTLE

March 30, 2018



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The Easter Full Moon is a really powerful one for freeing you up so you can get on with doing the things you're here to do!!! 


Personally I’ve been experiencing a strong ramp-up energy since the New Year.   I’ve been flat out working ON my business creating programs and devising new ways to support clients way more than I've been IN my business working with clients.  I won't deny it, there have been times when I've thought... "Is this worth all the time, investment and energy?"  And on more than one occasion I've felt like I've been spinning my wheels not getting as much done as I'd like with so many balls in the air. 


At last new projects are finally ready to roll ... and I can put more energy back IN to my business and connect with people to share what's going on. 


For me, that's life as an Entrepreneur.  The cycle of creating, networking and delivering.  Thank the Universe I LOVE what I do... as it requires a strong level of self-belief, passion and an over-arching desire to be of service to others.  But I'm good with that.  I'm in this for the long-haul..  And a key driver is knowing that I have the capacity to make a positive difference to others' lives.


Having said all that.... I'm READY for some ACTION after such a busy inward focussed time creating things for others...... ARE YOU?


Fortunately the Easter FULL MOON brings opportunity for all of us to RELEASE any relationship and balance blocks that may be in your path so you're ready and raring to go when the rubber finally "hits the road" in April!  Here's a little snapshot of the main energies and what they mean....


The Full Moon takes place tonight (Sat 31 Saturday March) at 11.36pm AEDT in the sign of Libra. 


It brings up the push-pull energy between what you need to do for others and what you to do for yourself.


The relationship & balance oriented energy of this Full Moon asks us to identify where we can transform our partnerships with others.  Where in our lives are we ready to release attachment to outdated relationships (personal and professional) and forms of communication that are holding us back from putting our entrepreneurial and ambitious selves into the career spotlight?


With the Moon FULL in Libra it represents harmony, balance and beauty.  Given the Moon symbolises our inner-most emotions, desires and needs, this moon is really calling for us to release where we're feeling any injustice or inequality in our relationships. In a career sense that can manifest in so many different ways not least the kind of relationship you have with your team, your manager, your suppliers and/or your clients!


The Sun is opposite the Moon in Aries - the sign of action, independence, competition and ambition.


Together these signs spark the differences within us where on one hand we search for what we need to keep ourselves fulfilled through achieving in the world (Aries) versus our connection with others, appreciation of beauty and creating win-win scenarios (Libra).  It also brings up who I am on my own vs who I am in relationship with others.  And THIS is vital to be clear on when it comes to delivering on our Career and Business dreams.







The Full Moon is when the moon is completely lit up.  This occurs when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other in the sky and earth is situated directly between them.


In Astrology, the Moon represents the responsive, reflective or unconscious levels of our personality such as our emotions and needs.  It symbolises our feelings and reactions to things.


The Sun represents our identity and outward expression as well as our ego.


When the Moon is full, it represents the opposing forces of our inner and external life.  For example, us as an individual versus in relationship, our home life versus work, our creativity versus community involvement.


With the full Moon lighting up our emotions and intuition, it allows you to tap into and overcome challenges in our life.  We’re more easily able to see what’s causing us any disharmony and provides an opportunity to release what’s no longer serving us.  For example bad habits, ways of talking to ourself that don’t serve us, relationships that quash our ability to shine in the world or patterns of behaviour that sabotage us reaching our potential.


Each Full Moon brings an opportunity to let go of something different depending on the Zodiac Sign it is located in.





This Full Moon highlights the kind of relationships and type of communication we need to be able to achieve our professional and business goals.  

If you feel as if you have been spending too much time focussing on other's needs and not your own, this Full Moon is perfect for releasing these tendencies and resuming the balance.


And there are some other energies at play too......


Venus, the ruler of Libra has been in the sign of Aries since the 1st week of March which means it's possible you've been a little more feisty in your communication than usual..... if not then less patient and less balanced .  The reason is  we're all being urged to get on with our dreams and there's been more  direct, straight talking and straight forward antics at play. Think Charlie's Angels or Wonder Woman Energy!!!  So if you've been feeling that way, there's good reason for it. 

Venus also met up with Uranus on Thursday and when these 2 planets get together, the energy is inclined towards abruptly speaking your mind.


Thankfully today, just before the Full Moon, Venus moves into Taurus where she's more feminine, nurturing and comfortable but she'll be ready to talk about her plans rather than focus so much on others!!







Full Moon rituals are a wonderful tool for realising possibilities and letting go of what’s stopping you from reaching your potential.


To take advantage of this Libra Full Moon releasing energy, I’ve provided a ritual for you to perform..


Simply click  right here and let us know where to send it. It will be delivered instantly to your inbox . 


NB - the ritual is best performed ON or immediately AFTER the Full Moon.  The energy will be strong all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - but the closer to the Full Moon, the better!




















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