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Josephine’s results based programs deliver outcomes for small and large organisations in areas such as Career, Leadership and Performance. 



Every orgnaisation’s human capital development goals are unique.  Josephine consults  with clients to establish executive / team goals and challenges and develop tailored holistic coaching programs to achieve agreed objectives.


When partnering with organisations, Josephine’s focus is always:


  • A professional enquiring approach which links organisational goals to individual goals  

  • Identifying key issues to instigate positive change

  • Agreed upfront goal setting with invested parties to measure program success

  • Results are everything 



Career & Performance Coaching


Organisations that invest in their people’s careers and performance gain benefits that can significantly impact on business performance.  Key Benefits from Career and Performance coaching include:


  • Maximising executive performance / productivity

  • Retention of high performers / key employees

  • Increased performance through realignment of individual roles to meet strengths, interests and needs

  • Development of Career Plans for graduates and high potential employees

  • Alignment of employee career planning with business opportunities

  • Business growth by supporting employees to achieve their career potential

  • Re-integration of  Maternity leave employees back into roles that maximize their performance

  • Identification of where executive skills meet business needs



Leadership Coaching


Josephine is experienced in working with leaders to identify key leadership attributes. 


Examples of programs outcomes include:


  • Improved Leadership performance

  • Alignment of Leadership goal setting to business objectives

  • Increased self-awareness of Leaders strengths / weaknesses and impact on teams

  • Establish Leadership development plan for emerging leaders

  • Improved staff management and staff engagement

  • Establish definitive and clear path forward for self and for the Redpath



Career Transition


Josephine has provided career transition / outplacement support to senior executives for almost 8 years.  Leveraging her business experience, coaching and counseling skills she is skilled in supporting individual’s when organisations have the challenging task of making roles redundant.


Benefits for the organization include:


  • Providing support during the redundancy process for management staff and impacted individuals

  • Demonstrating you value your people by supporting redundant employees to transition into a new opportunity

  • Impacted individuals more likely to speak positively about your company brand as they are supported


Benefits for the impacted employee include:


  • Emotional support to move through the stages of grief associated with redundancy

  • Opportunity to assess their career, and develop a career plan that’s aligned to their strengths, needs, interests and development objectives

  • Coaching around key job hunting skills including;

  • Resume development

  • How to market online and offline

  • Networking your way into your next role

  • Interview preparation

  • Role negotiation



Skills Coaching


With a background in Consulting and Business Development, Josephine has strengths which she can incorporate into coaching programs if relevant for clients.  These include:


  • How to network effectively

  • Consultative Sales

  • Personal marketing - Building your online and offline brand

  • Interviewing with Impact



Program Tools


Josephine is certified to deliver and debrief a range of personality and leadership profiling tools which include:







 Josephine’s takes “diagnose, discuss, plan and action approach with clients” employing  Psychometric Assessment and Personality Profiling tools.


These tools include; The Birkman Method; Realise2; MBTI and Astrological Vocation Report.


The science of Astrology Strategy provides evidence based profiling which is critical to bringing self awareness to clients objectively, regardless of their specific circumstances.


Our starting point is always about getting to know our clients and ensuring our clients know themselves using our holistic self insight approach.


Josephine does this by creating a trusting, challenging, professional yet relaxed environment to bring about solutions in which great coaching conversations take place to support executives to achieve their professional and personal goals.