Josephine understands that every individual and corporate’s human capital development goals are unique.  She aims to gain a clear understanding of your unique circumstances, goals and challenges and tailor a holistic executive coaching program that will support you achieving your objectives.




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  • Executive Coaching

  • Career Coaching

  • Personality and Leadership Profiling

  • Astrological Reports:

- Vocation

- Interpersonal Relationships

- The Year Ahead 

- Relationship with Money




Are you at a crossroads in your career?  Your career matters to you but you’re feeling unhappy and unmotivated in your role.


Are you enjoying work but don’t have a career plan to get ahead and are anxious about what your future looks like?


Maybe you can’t establish what the best next career step is for you and need support.


Josephine has over 16 years of corporate experience supporting individuals to achieve their career goals in the areas of executive coaching, executive recruitment and learning and development.  What matters is supporting people to make role choices that are aligned to your personal goals, unique strengths, needs, interests and values.   


Her supportive approach will empower you to:


  • Build your career plan

  • Be clear on what roles are best for your career and personal circumstances

  • Have a greater understanding of what make you unique and how to sell yourself into the job market

  • Increase confidence at interview and role negotiation stage

  • Self-discovery, planning, building your skills and confidence to market yourself into the right roles, keeping you positive as you ride the highs and lows of making the change through to helping you negotiate packages and role responsibilities



Losing your job is high on the list of top 10 most stressful life experiences.  The impact it can have on your self confidence, close personal relationships can be enormous.   This is enhanced further if it has been a number of years since you applied for a role and sat in interviews or you’re anxious about networking and selling yourself.


Josephine has over 8 years experience supporting people transitioning into new roles after sudden job loss. With a background in psychology, counselling and executive coaching she is able to help all levels of employees find new roles with her programs that will deliver the following:


- Revealing new opportunities in the area of expertise

- Confidence in applications and interviews

- Clarity and implementation of goals and aspirations



Maybe you’re thinking about setting up your own business but don’t know where to start?  


Josephine helps individuals choose a business that is in alignment with their passions and vocation.  She also provides a program that will lead to the most successful outcomes understanding the difficulties that arise in the birth of every small business.


OVER 55's

Perhaps you are coming to the end of your professional career and are considering what to do in “retirement”.  Or perhaps you are running your own business and are finding it hard to let go although you’d like to but don’t know how to make the transition into retirement.


The concept of “retiring” is changing.   More than ever, people are not retiring as much as restructuring how they work and play.  Many individuals are seeking ways to move out of full time work but stay intellectually challenged and fit more personal goals into their agenda.   Equally many people need to continue to bring in the income as our predicted lifespan grows and superannuation needs to be topped up to meet the changing needs.


Josephine supports individuals to create career plans that incorporates both personal and professional goals at this unique stage in life.  She challenges people to consider what’s really important to them so that they can make choices that will bring fulfillment at this later stage in life.




Perhaps you have left a role and haven’t been able to land the right next role.  Or maybe you’re returning from extended travels and are struggling to network your way into in a new role.


Josephine’s combined background of executive coaching, executive recruitment, learning and development, counseling and marketing, has found her supporting people to land new roles for over 18 years.  With this she is able to help all levels of executives target new work opportunities.  Her programs will deliver the following:


- Increase confidence in applications and interviews

- Clarity and implementation of goals and aspirations

- How to build your professional network and leverage it




Perhaps you’re maternity leave is ending, you’re due to go back to work but you’re questioning whether your old role is now the right role for you.  Or maybe you’re the primary carer and your youngest child is entering primary school and your yearning for intellectual challenge and some extra income but are nervous your skills are out of date, confidence is low and you need flexibility.


As a working mother who overcame doubt about confidence in her professional expertise after an absence from corporate life and who changed the way she worked to meet family needs, Josephine is well experienced to support return to work Mums.  Her programs enable individuals to:


  • Increase confidence in their professional skills and value

  • Identify their changed career needs and develop a plan

  • Develop networking techniques to find part time/flexible roles

  • Establish a go to market strategy including cv development, building your online presence and interview training



As a working mother, the challenge of achieving personal career ambitions and juggling family needs is no easy feat. Motherhood drives changes in both personal and family needs and values and finding the “right balance” is unique for everyone.  Working mums are an enormous asset to organizations and their own businesses as they are commited, efficient and career success is important to them.


As a busy professionally minded working mum, Josephine understands the daily juggle of achieving professional goals that provide intellectual stimulation with nurturing the family’s needs.  She is experienced in supporting professional mother’s to formulate career plans that create more flexibility and rebuild confidence to go out and find roles or build businesses that suit changed needs.  Her programs enable individuals to:


  • Identify changed career needs and develop a plan

  • Identify employers who support women and provide opportunities for recognition and advancement

  • Increase their confidence to target more challenging roles

  • Develop effective networking techniques




Going into year 12 and thinking about what courses you’ll most enjoy and do well in can be a very stressful - both for students and parents.  Equally, once you have a tertiary degree, related employment is not guaranteed nor do you know how much you’re going to enjoy it.


Josephine is able to help individuals at the early stage of their career to identify tertiary courses and the right fit first career role that takes advantage of their drivers, strengths, needs and values.  Her graduate programs helps individuals:


  • Define strengths and needs and outline best fit career path options,  

  • Be confident in their decision-making on courses and best fit roles

  • Establish interview confidence and skills

  • Understand their unique offering



Josephine has studied Astrology for the last 10 years.  Astrology is incorporated into her work to support clients establishing a deeper understanding of themselves.   Although new as a tool within executive coaching, clients have found it really helps them understand themselves from “the inside out”.  It also provides inspiration around their unique professional offering.


Astrology charts are used for executive coaching around Career, Leadership and Performance. They provide information about both the challenges a person has as well as qualities of character to be developed for success and fulfillment.


It is not necessary to have a belief in Astrology in order for this information to be of value to clients. Astrology brings forth practical information. It creates an opportunity for gaining self knowledge and accessing how to play to ones strengths.


For example, Josephine’s Astrological Vocation Report is created from a client’s date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. The Report is a detailed document covering key areas of career such as your unique talents; values; your best suited work environment, what you’re emotionally attached to at work and how you put yourself out into the world.


Astrological reports are incorporated into the coaching process to provide opportunities for goal setting, development, change and building self-esteem and confidence.