As an holistic executive coach, it’s my default to explore the key building blocks of life when I start working with clients.  Why, because when one aspect of our life is out of balance, it profoundly impacts other parts of our life.  None is more obvious  than with work and health!


When our health is not in check, our ability to create and achieve is hampered and when we’re over-worked or highly stressed, it’s only a matter of time before illness, emotional issues and disease begin to emerge. 


BUT the road to Health & Well Being is different for each of us.  And the older we become, the more we realise we need to take a bespoke approach to our unique health issues. 


PLUS… as we’re all working until a much later stage in life, looking after our health for the long-term has never been more important!


To help you understand exactly what you NEED in relation to diet, exercise and healing modalities to optimise your health ASTROLOGY can play an incredibly insightful role.


THE HEALTH & WELLBEING REPORT helps you identify and transform imbalances of energy and negative emotional patterns, as well as discover ways to boost your self-esteem and discover renewed energy and purpose. 



Within this comprehensive document based on your bespoke Birth Chart you will be ahle to explore  and connect with::

  • Your Emotional Health

  • Your Spiritual Essence

  • Your Vitality or Life Force

  • How you best manage the Physical Demands of Living

  • Your Physical Body and Energy

  • Your Strengths and Sensitivities

  • Your Inner Needs and Outer Experiences

  • How you Manage the Impact of Stress (work/life balance)

  • How to limit the Impact of Chronic Stress

  • The ideal Physical Energy and Exercise for you

  • Optimum Healing Solutions for you

  • Key parts of the body.



By being clear on each of these aspects of your health & wellbeing and taking ACTION, you can create a powerful platform to heighten productivity and performance in your career, business and  personal life everyday!  Without the headache!!!



This detailed report is available for  $89.  The price of just one appointment with your Chiropractor!!


If you're ready to invigorate yourself, have more energy and more positive approach to work and play, then this report is just what you need.


All that’s required to generate your birth chart is your date of birth, time and location.