Josephine understands that every individual and corporate’s human capital development goals are unique.  She aims to gain a clear understanding of client’s unique circumstances, goals and challenges and tailor a coaching program that will support them achieving your objectives.



This is an opportunity for clients to meet Josephine and share the reason behind why they are seeking executive coaching and the desired outcomes they are looking for.  From here, a tailored executive coaching program will be developed.



Based on the introduction meeting, a bespoke proposal outlining a recommended program of work to achieve individual and / or corporate coaching objectives is developed.  This will include information about ideal coaching outcomes, recommended holistic and traditional corporate profiling tools, content, pricing and coaching timeframes.



Attaining personal insight through both assessment tools and powerful conversations is a vital ingredient to create impetus for change.  Therefore, Josephine always recommends combining the use of Ancient Wisdom Astrology with traditional Psychometric Profiling in the early stages of work with clients.  These bring awareness to individuals’ strengths, needs, opportuntities for growth and areas for development.



Once personal insight has been conducted to establish a clear foundation of client’s unique situations, the executive coaching program is led by client’s individual goals related to either Career, Leadership or Performance.  Critical in “success” is a coaching approach which is “outcome oriented” therefore a continuous evaluation of clients personal development against their coaching goals is embedded in the coaching work.



To maximize success, review of client’s progress both during and at completion of the coaching assignment is vital.