Josephine’s expertise and passion lies in supporting individuals to gain self-awareness and personal insight.  Her open style and ability to create trust enables individuals to clearly set goals and draw out issues hindering success, translating to personal and professional results.



Josephine Corcoran Holistic Executive Coaching provides:


  • 1:1 Coaching Programs

    • Career Revive

    • Purposeful Mums

    • The Abundant Entrepreneur

    • Graduate Launcher


  • Workshops

    • Public - Access to your Career Destiny

    • Corporate - Lighting up the team’s Gifts


  • Online Programs with The Destiny School

    • My Career Destiny

Josephine Corcoran’s life philosophy is centred on the principal of “self-knowledge” and using that to live and work in an enriching way that is aligned to your purpose.


Specialising in Career Coaching, Josephine Corcoran uses a unique holistic approach which blends Astrology and Positive Psychology practices to develop tailored coaching programs, workshops and online programs that transform individuals and teams.


Having coached over 500 Executives, Entrepreneurs and Mums, Josephine makes connecting to your strengths, purpose and setting goals aligned to your career opportunities rewarding and achievable.  She works exclusively with ambitious people who are ready to “Stop Loathing and Start Loving” their Career.




Unique Offering and Approach

Throughout the coaching journey, Josephine combines Astrology and Positive Psychology tools. (See below for Astrology Strategy).   The impact - clients find themselves revealing layers of themselves they haven’t comfortably shared with professionals before, enabling clear progression towards achieving goals.



Astrology Strategy

Josephine has studied Astrology for the last 10 years.  Astrology is incorporated into her work to support clients establishing a deeper understanding of themselves.   Although new as a tool within executive coaching, clients have found it really helps them understand themselves from “the inside out”.  It also provides inspiration around their unique professional offering.


Astrological charts are used for Executive Coaching around Career, Leadership and Performance. They provide information about both the challenges a person has as well as qualities of character to be developed for success and fulfillment.


It is not necessary to have a belief in Astrology in order for this information to be of value to clients. Astrology brings forth practical information. It creates an opportunity for gaining self knowledge and accessing how to play to ones strengths.


Josephine’s Astrological Vocation Report is created from a client’s date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. The Report is a detailed document covering key areas of career such as your unique strengths; values; your best suited work environment, what you’re emotionally attached to at work and how you put yourself out into the world.


Astrological reports are incorporated into the coaching process to provide opportunities for goal setting, development, change and building self-esteem and confidence.


Link to the Astrological Report Page for payment.




Josephine’s Experience & Qualifications

Josephine holds a Masters in Psychology of Coaching, Graduate Diploma in Marketing, Bachelor of Science (Psychology major) and Certificate in Astrology.


Josephine has practiced as an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Trainer since 2001, supporting executives to achieve their professional and personal goals.


She has a strong Business Development background managing major blue chip accounts in Senior Learning and Development Consulting roles, Recruitment, Marketing and PR positions and advising companies such as PwC, Ernst & Young, Nokia and TNS Global on professional development and working with individual executives.


Her industry experience spans professional services, telecommunications, IT, property, banking and finance, retail and government.




Through the power of obtaining personal Insight via Astrology and Positive psychology, Josephine empowers clients to understand and leverage their unique strengths, passions, needs, values and purpose.  The results create enhanced self-esteem, an uplift in performance and achievement as well as brining a renewed sense of meaning to work.


With an overwhelming shift in consciouness occurring across the world, Josephine believes that people are yearning to work in a way that is AUTHENTIC for them.  They want to be valued, have the opportunity to leverage their gifts and have a strong sense of meaning attached to what they do.


After having 2 gorgeous boys, Josephine set-up her business to meet a gap in the private and corporate coaching space. As our society simultaneously grows in complexity and self-awareness, increasingly individuals and organisations were seeking holistic approaches to find meaning and achieve their potential.  They are recognising the value in being offered a combination of traditional psychometric profiling tools with esoteric modalities.